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1 "Hugh Evans, of Gwynedd, son of Robert, d. 1734, m. 8th mo. 23, 1719, Margaret Roberts, dau. of Edward. He received, in 1719, from his father, a deed for 275 acres of land, in the north-eastern part of Robert's original tract - the part next to the meeting house. He lived probably at his father's house (belonging in 1884 to Silas White) and in his will (dated 2 May, 1734, probabed Oct. 1, same year) makes provisionfor his parents living there. He leaves to his son Robert, the west side of his farm, "with the buildings and improvements; extending eastward to a fence about 20 perches westward of the Great Road," and to his son Jesse the remainder of the farm, eastward of this fence. He names his sons Hugh, jr., and Edward and daughters Anne, Sarah and Mary. He appoints his wife executrix, and names as trustees for his minor children, his brother-in-law, Robert Roberts, his cousins, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, John Evans, and Thomas Evans; and John Jones. Margaret, his widow, m. 1747, Robert Jones of Merion." Family: F7832
2 "Indiana, Marriages, 1780-1992," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Apr 2013), Henry S. Miller and Lucy Groones Coppelman, 02 Jul 1904. Family: F10010
3 "New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 07 Sep 2013), E C Butler in entry for William Lee Soper and Gladys Teresa Butler, 1909. Family: F10781
4 "No known children of Sarah Boone & Jacob Stover," explains Spraker, "Sarah married Jacob Stover 15 Mar 1715, as recorded in Christ Church, Philadelphia. … possible that she died quite young, and her descendants, if any, are unknown. While she was the first in the family to settle in in the Oley township, she evidently did not affiliate with the Friends Meeting there, as no data concerning her appears in Quaker records. She was no doubt absorbed by the German element into which she married … In 1738 a wife Margaret (Stover) signed a deed for land sold by Jacob to another person, so Margaret was probably a second wife." (Some researchers believe there were children of this marriage, or at least of Stover's second marriage. Proof sources here would be welcomed.) Family: F4209
5 "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 07 Sep 2013), Ernest C. Butler in entry for Dill Bronson Smith and Ethel Ernestine Butler, 1901. Family: F10782
6 "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 07 Sep 2013), Ernest C. Butler in entry for Oscar Spencer Butler and Dessie Mae Gray, 1915. Family: F10780
7 "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Feb 2013), Floyd L Colvin and Grace L Wheeler, 1925; citing reference Pg 233 No. 14983, FHL microfilm 2134417. Family: F9919
8 "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2013," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 5 August 2015), William Orahood and Nettie Stanley, 10 Aug 1912; citing Union, Ohio, United States, reference p 256; county courthouses, Ohio; FHL microfilm 1,954,078. Family: F11570
9 "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2013," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 January 2016), Chester Easterday in entry for Marion L. Easterday and Kathryn C. Cahill, 21 Dec 1927; citing Crawford, Ohio, United States, reference v 21 cn 693; county courthouses, Ohio; FHL microfilm 388,691. Family: F12694
10 "Ohio, Marriages, 1800-1958," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 Apr 2013), Zebulon Worrall and Ruth Patterson, 05 May 1853. Family: F10161
11 "On the 24th of 4th month, 1679, Solomon Poole and Margret White were married at the house of Henry White. Witnesses included Henry White, Timothy Meads, Francis Tooms, Charles Prous, William Smith, Jonathan Taillor, Arnould White, George Tailer, William avis, William Bread, William Larson, Crestofer Oulldford, Mary White, Sary Davis, Francis Hunte, Rebecca Simons, Ane Maids, Elezabeath Larson and Jeames Hunte." Family: F3463
12 "This is to certify the truth to all people that Valentine Holl- enworth in ye psh of Sego in ye county of Armagh, and Anne Calvert of the same psh having intentions of marriage according to the ordinances of God, and Gods joining, Did lay it before mons meeting before them their marriage being propounded, then ye meeting desired them to wait some time, wch they did, so the meeting makeing inquiry between the time whether ye man be free from all other women, and the woman free from all other man, and so the second time they comeing before the mens meeting, all things being clear, so they being left to their freedome. A meeting of the people of god being appointed and assembled together at the house of Marke? Wright, in the psh of Shankell the twelfth day of the fourth month in ye yeare 1672 whene they tooke one another in marriage in the presence of god and of his people according to ye law of god, we are witnesses of the same whose names are hereunto subscribed ye day and yeare aforesaid Val: Holengworth. Anne Holengworth. ffrancis Robson William Williams Jo' Calvert Chris Hillery Hugh Stamper George Hodgshon Jam. Harison dorothy Hillery Roger Webb Will pearson Nic' Harison Elis' Gaus Robert Hoope Marke Wright John Wright Alice Williams Michael Staise Timo' kirk James Bradshaw An. Bradshaw Tho. Wederall Rob Chambers Tho. Calvert deborn Kirk Will dixon Antho. Dixon fergus Softly Alice Wright dinc Kirke Mary Walker No Hollingsworths signed the certificate as witnesses, which leads me to believe that there were no other Quaker Hollingsworths in the area. Although non-Quakers could have been present and witnessed the ceremony, it is unlikely, at that early date, to have had non-Quakers in attendance. The Friends were a persecuted group, and to associate with them would probably have caused them to be suspect. Ann's father, Thomas, and her brother, John, were there and signed the certificate as witnesses. Family: F1228
13 "West Virginia Marriages, 1780-1970," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 7 October 2015), Norval B Davis and Sara L Heburn, 1946; citing Ohio, West Virginia, United States, , county clerks, West Virginia; FHL microfilm 862,732.
Family: F9831
14 "West Virginia Marriages, 1780-1970," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 28 September 2015), Christian F Brandfass and Bessie Abrams, 1902; citing Ohio, West Virginia, United States, , county clerks, West Virginia; FHL microfilm 863,810. Family: F10816
15 "West Virginia, Marriages, 1853-1970," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 Apr 2013), Aaron M Hubbard and Myrtle Kuhn, 1908. Family: F10042
16 "Whereas Henry Hollingsworth of Pennsylvania in the county of New Castle in America & Lydia Atkinson in ye Parish of Sego and County of Ardmagh in Ireland having declared their intention of marriage with each other in the several public Meetings of the People of God called Quakers at or near Lurgan in the Province of Ulster, whose proceedings after a deliberate Consideration they with concent of Parents and Relations concerned they being clear from all others, were approved of by the sd Meeting. Now these are to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their sd intentions the 22 of the sixth month 1688 the sd Henry Hollingsworth and the sd Lydia Atkinson appeared in a public & Solomne Meeting of the said People met together to worship God in their public meeting-house at John Robsons, Where the said Henry Hollingsworth according to the Example of the Holy men of God recorded in the Scriptures of Truth taking the sd Lydia Adkinson by the hand did solomnly Declare followeth (Viz) In the name of God & Presence of his people did take Lydia Atkinson to be my wife; And then and there in that Assembly the Sd Lydia Atkinson did declare as followeth (Viz) In the feare of God & presence of his people I take Henry Hollingsworth to be my Husband & give myself to be his wife; And as a further confirmation thereof, the Sd Henry Hollingsworth & the Sd Lydia Atkinson did then and there before these presence Subscribe their Names as Husband & wife. We whose names are under written being present wch more at the solemnizing of their said Marriage and Subscription as afore Sd As witnesses hereunto have set our hands the Day & Yeare above written.
Henry Hollingsworth Lydia Hollingsworth 1688 "John Robson Thomas Deale Robert Hoope Thomas Bradshaw Roger Kirke John Walker Mark Wright Sarah Robson James Bradshaw Isabell Atkinson John Hoope Mary Redcliff William Richardson Abigail Atkinson Alphonsus Kirk Ellyner Hoope Jacob Robson Mary Walker Alexander Mathews Sarah Hoope Thomas Walker Jane Mathews William Porter Katherine Kirk Thomas Turner Elizabeth Lynes Thomas Wainwright Deborah Lynes John Dobbs Alice Rea Jacob Handcock Ann Hodgson James Greer Elizabeth Mason William Crooke." 
Family: F1233
17 "Whereas John Newlin, son of John and Mary Newlin of Concord in the County of Chester, and Mary Pyle daughter of Nicholas Pyle late of Concord, deceased... full accomplishing of their intentions this 13th day of the 9th month in the year of our Lord 1745...
WITNESSES: [1st row] John Pennel, John Griffith, Peter Hatton, Thomas Gilpin, Sam Bettle, Moses Key, William Trimble, Benjamin Marshall, Nathaniel Eavenson, James Hatton, Moses Palmer, Sam Sharpless, Ben Sharpless, Jacob Sharpless, John Palmer, Thomas Vernon Jr // [2nd row] Mary Pennell, Mary Peirce, Hannah Hatton, Catherine Eavenson, Jane Gibbons, Hannah Gilpin, Sarah Hatton, Martha Palmer, Susanna Chamberlin, Mary Newlin, Jane Sharples[s], Rebecca Fawks, Sarah Newlin, Hannah Chamberlin, Elizabeth Palmer, Abigail Palmer, Mary Mendenhall, Samuel Talkington // [3rd row] Esther Mendenhall, Isaac Harvey, Martha Harvey, Mary Eavenson, Rachel Walter, Esther Newlin, Ann Trimble, Richard Parkes, William Sharpless, Joseph Chamberlin, Richard Dawkes, Deborah Ellwell // [last row] John Newlin Jr, Mary Newlin (bride & groom), John Newlin, Mary Newlin, Sarah Strode, Nicholas Newlin, Richard Woodward, Martha Woodward, Edward Woodward, Ellis Lewis, Robert Mendenhall, Nicholas Newlin Jr, Nathaniel Newlin, James Pyle" 
Family: F3885
18 "Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-1930," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 23 Aug 2014), Samuel D. Mcintyre and Anna Adele Weisbrod, 13 Nov 1906; citing reference p. 381-109; FHL microfilm 1275654. Family: F11748
19 #192. 15th of the 12th month 1788.

Whereas Mordecai Matthews of Gunpowder in the County of Baltimore and State of Maryland, son of Thomas and Rachel Matthews, the former deceased, and Ruth Hussey of Warrington in the County of York and State of Pennsylvania, daughter of Record and Miriam Hussey, the former deceased, ..were married.. this fifteenth day of the 12th month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight.. At Warrington in the County aforesaid.

Member present at the marriage: John Hancock, William McMillan, Sarah Underwood, Mary Duckett, Anne Marsh, James Price, William and Abigail Edmundson, Sarah Walker, Elizabeth Ross, Elizabeth Marsh, Esther Edmondson, Samuel Cookson, Peter Yarnall, Benj. and Ruth Walker, Modsecai and Sarah Williams, , John Marsh, Abigail Penrose, Daniel Matthews, William Ross, Samuel Price, Joseph Miller, Jono. Marsh, Jr., Mordecai Price, Wm. and Enoch Underwood, John and Susanna Bentley, Miriam, Hannah and Amos Hussey, Elizabeth, John, Jesse and Ely Matthews, Jedadiah and Jane Hussey, Joseph Griest, Lydia Griffith, Miriam and Mary Hussey, Rachel Price, Lydia Kirk, Rhoda Updegraff.

(Source: Marriages, Warrington Quakers Monthly Meeting Book, York County, Pa.) 
Family: F394
20 'Caleb Haines, son of 'John Haines and Esther Bourton. married Sarah Burr, daughter of Henrv Burr and Elizabeth , Page 10.
9-26, 1719.
Their children were--"
'Esther, born ; married, 1736, Amos Austin.
'Elizabeth, born ; married, 2-2, 1747, Samuel Wright.
'Patience, born ; married, 1-3, 1745. Silas Crispin.
"Mary, born 9-2, 1732; married Taunton Earle.
'Josiah, born ; married Abigail . 
Family: F5263
21 'Isaac Haines, son of 'John Haines and Esther Bourtbn, mar- Page 10. ried Catharine Davies, 4-28, 1714, and settled at Goshen, Penna.
Their children were
'Esther, born 6-13, 1715.
'Hannah, born 1-4, 1717; married, 1734, John Eachus.
'Isaac, born 8-10, 1718; married, 1744, Mary Cox.
'Mary, born 6-2, 1720; married, 1741, William Wall.
'Jane, born -18, 1721; married, 1743, Joseph Yarnell.
'Ellis, born ; married, 1751, Margaret Jones.
'Josiah, born ; married 1765, Mary Cock.
'Lydia, born ; married, 1748, Ellis Williams.
'Phebe, born ; married, 1760, Daniel Duborrow.
'Jacob, born ; married, 1736, Martha Sharpless. 
Family: F5902
22 'Isaac Haines, son of 'John Haines and Esther Bourtbn, married Catharine Davies, 4-28, 1714, and settled at Goshen, Penna.
Their children were"
'Esther, born 6-13, 1715.
'Hannah, born 1-4, 1717; married, 1734, John Eachus.
'Isaac, born 8-10, 1718; married, 1744, Mary Cox.
'Mary, born 6-2, 1720; married, 1741, William Wall.
'Jane, born -18, 1721; married, 1743, Joseph Yarnell.
'Ellis, born ; married, 1751, Margaret Jones.
'Josiah, born ; married 1765, Mary Cock.
'Lydia, born ; married, 1748, Ellis Williams.
'Phebe, born ; married, 1760, Daniel Duborrow.
'Jacob, born ; married, 1736, Martha Sharpless.

- Page 10. 
Family: F5265
23 'Mary Haines, daughter of «i»'John «/i»Haines and Esther Bourton, married Thomas Lippincott, son of Freedom Lippincott and Mary Page 10 Curtis, 1711.
Their children were"
'Nathaniel, born 5-2, 1713: married. 1736, Mary Engle.
'Isaac, born ; married, 1/39. Hannah Engle.
'Thomas, born ; married Rebecca Eldridge.
'Abigail, born ; married Thomas Wallis.
'Esther, born ; married John Roberts.
'Patience, born ; married Ebenezer Andrews.
'Phebe, born
'Mercy, born ; married Ephraim Stiles 
Family: F2076
24 10, 28, 1721. William Musgrave, of Merion, cooper; and Barbara Bevan,
dau. of Evan Bevan, dec'd, at Merion Meeting House. Wit: - Abraham
Musgrave; David and Hannah Price; Evan, Jane and Eleanor Bevan.
The marriage of Jane Musgrove and Thomas Owen, Nov. 25, 1769, is recorded
in Penna. Archives, Second Series, Vol. II p. 183. 
Family: F7250
25 10-20-1853
Joseph Oliver Andews Rush Co s/o Joseph & Anna Maria, Hancock Co m Anna B dt/o Thomas & Rebecca «b»Jessop «/b»Rush Co at Carthage MH; witnesses: Joseph «b»Andrews«/b», Thomas «b»Jessop«/b», Jonathan «b»Jessop«/b», Thomas «b»Henley«/b», Jesse «b»Morris«/b», Henry «b»Newby«/b», Rebecca «b»Jessop«/b», Elisabeth «b»Jessop«/b», Sarah «b»Young«/b», Eunice A «b»Clark«/b», Jemima D «b»Henley«/b», Agatha «b»Street«/b» 
Family: F8217
26 11/27/1764

Rachel Oldham & George Hodgson Jr. 2nd Cousins, dis mou.

New Garden MM Vol I, Page 546 
Family: F4466
27 12 February 1823
Joseph Gibbins of Swansea in the County of Glamorgan, Banker, son of Joseph Gibbins. late of Birmingham, Banker, deceased, and Martha his wife, and Elizabeth Clarence daughter of Richard Clarence of Spa Road, Bermondsey, Furniture Printer, and Ann his wife, the latter being deceased, took each other in marriage in a public assembly of the people called Quakers in Deptford in the County of Kent, in the presence of us; Richard Bevington, Merchant, Kennington Surrey, Henry Aggs of Upton, Essex, Stockbroker ( Joseph's brother in Law), Rich Low Beck, Token House Yard, Wine Merchant. 
Family: F1531
28 13th of 5th month 1766. Whereas Thomas Leech of the Township of Warrington, County of York and Province of Pencilvania (sic), son of Thomas Leech and Sarah his wife, and Phebe Penrose, of the same place, daughter of William Penrose and Ann his wife, (were married) at Warrington in the County and Province aforesaid the thirteenth day of the fifth month in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and sixty six.

Witnesses present at the marriage: Hannah Nevett, Jedediah? Hussey, Joshua Bennett, Wm. Griffith, ? Smith, ? Smith, Hannah? Penrose, ? Griffith, Elizabeth Clark, Ruth Underwood, John Thomas, Abraham Griffith, ? Underwood, John McMillan, Jane McMillan, Jane Hussey, Thomas Edmundson, Michael King, Alexander Underwood, Wm. Underwood, Wm. Garretson, Mary Garretson, Wm. Nevett, Mary McMillan, Hannah Cook, Thomas Leech, Wm. Penrose, Ann Penrose, Sarah Leech, Jane Boyd, John Boyd, Sarah Leech, Jane Taylor, Caleb Edmundson, Jane Marsh.

(Warrington Monthly Meetings of Quakers, Marriages, York County, Pa.) 
Family: F766
29 1701 Johua TOMES and Sarah GOSBEY...23, 9m, Francis
TOMES...Wit: Margaret TOMES, Francis TOMES, Wm. BOGUE, Elisabeth MOOR,

Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, Quaker Marriage Certificates: Perquimans,
Pasquotank, Suttons Creek & Piney Woods Monthly Meetings, North
Carolina, 1677-1800 (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1988) 
Family: F3695
30 1715
Isaac William of Whitemarsh m. Elizabeth Marle of Whitemarsh, 10 August (6 mo.) 1715. Wit:
Col 1. Gwen Evan, Margaret Rees, Gobytha Powel, Elizabeth Powell, Cadrin Redwizer, Mary Owen , Edith Dawes, Rachel Harmar, Sarah Hank, Hannah Marle, Anne Marle, Genisis Davies, Phebe Williams, Esther Wm, Alce Rees, Lydia Harry, Elizabeth William.

Col 2. David Harry, Edward Davies, Thomas Rees, Merchant Maulsby, Henrey Coulston, William Coulstone, Henrey Pastorius, John Redwizer, John Cartlidge, Owen Owens.

Col. 3 (under bride and groom) Thomas Marle, Margaret Marle, Rees William, Daniel Jackson, Thomas Marle, David Meredith, Rowland Powel(?).

1715 - David and Lydia Harry sign as an overseer, minister or elder: 
Family: F5867
31 28 5th of 7th mo 1758«tab»JOSEPH BLACKBURN-DEBORAH MCGREW
Warrington Monthly Meeting

Joseph Blackburn of menallen township county of york and province of pencilvania son of John Blackburn deceased and Deborah McGrew of the township County and province aforesaid... in their meeting houfe in minallen aforsd upon the fifth day of the seventh month called July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight

William Boyd«tab»George Willfon«tab»Joseph Blackburn«tab»
Cathren McGrew«tab»John Marten«tab»Deborah Blackburn«tab»
Martha Mcbrew«tab»John Willfon«tab»John Blackburn«tab»
Alice Willfon«tab»James Hammond«tab»James McGrew«tab»
Sarah Loan«tab»Daniel Winter«tab»Rachel Blackburn«tab»
Dinah Cox«tab»Alexander Mcbrew«tab»Findley McGrew juner«tab»
Alice Willfon«tab»William Webb«tab»Rachel Blackburn jr«tab»
Esebeal Macke4eild«tab»William McGrew«tab»Abigal Willfon«tab»
Margret Blackburn«tab»Alexander McGrew«tab»Ann McGrew«tab»
Mary Lackland«tab»Alexander McGrew«tab»Jacob Elliott«tab»
Rachel Blackburn«tab»Thomas Willfon«tab»Thomas Kendall«tab»
«tab»John Wright«tab»Cuthbert Mains«tab»
«tab»James Willfon«tab»John Hammond«tab»
«tab»Samuel Hutton«tab»«tab» 
Family: F2647
32 4, 19, 1691. Robert William, of Merion, Phila. Co., and Gwen Cadwallader,
late of Radnor, Chester Co., spinster, at Hugh Robert's house in Merion,
aforesaid. Witnesses, John and Gainor Roberts; Cadwallader Morgan; Robert
and Joshua Owen.
This Robert William was the first settler in Goshen township, where he was
living in 1700. He was called the "King of Goshen". In 1715, he removed
to Uwchlan, and conveyed the Goshen homestead to his son Ellis. Robert
died in 1734, aged 87.
Children of Robert and Gwen William were Elizabeth, (b.___; m. Wm Philips,
1708); Ellis (m. 1712, Mary _____); Lewis (m. 1720, Ann, dau. of James
Thomas); John (m. Jane, dau. of Rees Jones); Ann (b. 1700: m. Griffith
John); William (m. 1723, Joan Pugh); Grace (b. 1707: m. John Meredith);
Hannah (m. 1723, John Morgan); Sarah (b. 1712; m. Timothy Kirk). 
Family: F3223
33 577. «i»Isaac, «/i»b. 11 mo. 9, 1816; m. Lydia Williams 5 mo. 4, 1842, dau. of Jesse Williams and Sarah Hoopes, b. 8 mo. 12, 1820 ; d. 6 mo. 26,1874.
Farmer. Resided at various places until 1856, when he purchased and removed to a farm in Edginont twp. Address, Howellville, Delaware Co., Pa.
Jesse, son of Ellis Williams and Jane Garrett. Sarah, dau. of Amos Hoopes and Margaret Meredith. Ellis, son of Ellis Williams, Jr., and Lydia Haines. Ellis, Jr., son of Ellis and Mary ; and Ellis (the elder), sou of Robert and Gweu Williams, the emigrants. 
Family: F5923
34 9 mo. 28, 1710, Jenis William, daughter of David William, was married to Edward David of Radnor. The certificate is signed by the two fathers, Edward David and David William, by Mary William, Reese William and Isaac Williams, her brothers, and by Eliza* Mallsby, Phebe and Ester William, the sisters. The Mary William here is probably her stepmother, and if so it is the last record we have of Mary Roades (Maltby) and also of her daughter, Elizabeth Mallsby. We have no record of the death of Mary (Maltby) William. Family: F11333
35 A notice of their wedding appears in the 6 July 1876 issue of the Oberlin (Weekly) News. Family: F1083
36 A pretty home wedding was celebrated Tuesday evening, June 23, at the resi dence of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Camp, 740 Wetdler street, when their daughter, Mazie Crittenden, was united in mar riage to Arthur Martin Korahrens. The spacious parlors were decorated with Caroline Testout and La France roses uil jjalms. At 8:30 o'clock the bridal party entered to the wedding march from "Lohengrin." played by Miss Elda Broughton. The bride was gowned in white French lingerie and chiffon and carried on her arm a bouquet of white bride's roses. She entered on the arm of her father and was preceded by her. maid of honor, Miss Ella Camp, a sis ter, who wore an empire gown of pink silk and Venetian lace. The groom was attended by J. Albert Beckwlth. Rev. Luther R. Dyott, pastor of the First Con gregational Church, officiated. After the wedding refreshments were served. Mrs. M. K. Clark presiding. Mr. and Mrs. Kornahrens will be at home after July 23, at 6114 East Fifteenth street. Family: F11820
37 Abstracted from the marriage records 1718-1821 of Newark/Kennett MM - p.85
- John Garretson "Late of Hokessin" in New Castle County, province of Pennsylvania, and Content Hussey of the same place, having declared their intentions of marriage at monthly meetings at Center and Kennett, and having consent of the parents concerned, married the fifth day of ninth month 1736 in a public meeting at "Hocessin". 36 witnesses signed the marriage certificate: (far right column under names of bride & groom) - Nathan Hussey, William Cox, William Garretson, Henery Dixson, John Hill, Cornelius Garretson, Eliakim Garretson, John Gregg, Tho: Dixson; (middle column) - Jean Bennett, Richard Hill, Huldah Garretson, Susannah Hill, Lydiah Hill, John Nickols, Joseph Hollingworth, Joseph Gregg, John Dixson, Harmon Cox, Jacob Dixson, Joseph Dixson, Henry Dixson [?jnr or snr]; (left column) - Ellis Lewis, John Baldwin, Elizabeth Hogg, Mary Pusey, Esther Bennitt, Ann Chandler, Hannah Dixson, Ann Richardson, Esther Willson, Sarah Greave, Susannah Pryor, Mary Lewis, Hannah Gregg, Elizabeth Bennet. 
Family: F248
38 Abstracted from the marriage records 1718-1821 of Newark/Kennett MM - p.86
- Christopher Hussey "late of Hakessin" in New Castle County, Pennsylvania, and Ann Garretson of the same place, having declared their intentions of marriage at monthly meetings at Center and Kennett, and having consent of the parents concerned, married the fifth day of ninth month 1736 in a public meeting at "Hokesson". 36 witnesses signed the marriage certificate: (far right column under names of bride & groom) - Nathan Hussey, William Cox, William Garretson, Henery Dixson, John Dixson, John Hill, Cornelius Garretson, John Gregg, Tho: Dixson, and Richard Hill; (middle column) - Huldah Garretson, Susannah Hill, Lydia Hill, John Nickols, Joseph Hollingworth, Joseph Gregg, John Dubre?, John Dixson, Harmon Cox, Jacob Dixson, Joseph Dixson, Henry Dixson jnr, and Elizabeth Hogg; (left column) - Ellis Lewis, John Baldwin, Elizabeth Bennet, Esther Bennitt, Jean Bennett, Ann Chandler, Hannah Dixson, Ann Richardson, Esther Willson, Sarah Greave, Susannah Pryor, Mary Lewis, and Hannah Gregg. 
Family: F271
39 Alexander P. Hussey was remarried September 17, 1862 to Makanoe Kaaikaula Kalei Kauwilaha, according to Hawaii Marriage Book 28, page 19. The marriage was also recorded in Hawaii Marriage Book 78, page 119. The groom was then shown as a resident of North Kohala, Hawaii. The bride was of Hawaiian royalty, a daughter of Nihowehilani and Naweluokekikipaa, according to Beatrice Mileka Hussey Kailiponi. She was born in Kohala about 1838. At age five she was betrothed to the son of a Hawaiian king, but her father objected to the contracted marriage and sent her to the jungle in hiding under the care of an older brother. The brother built a temple for her in the jungle and surrounded it with a stone wall 15 feet high with only a narrow passageway for an entry. He stationed himself above the entryway and killed at least one of the king's soldiers who were searching for Makanoe by lassoing him and hanging him with the noose. Later Makanoe was placed in a school operated by the church mission for her protection. She remained in the school until Alexander P. Hussey made his proposal of marriage. Alexander P. Hussey became a master carpenter in North Kohala District and died there April 9, 1896. He was buried at Nuilii, Hawaii on the northwestern extremity of the island. His wife died there also March 29, 1916. Family: F10036
40 An old newspaper clipping, evidently from an Iowa paper, contains the
following story:

1859--Golden Wedding--1909

Thursday of last week witnessed a very pleasant gathering at the home of Stephen and Elizabeth Clendenon, the occasion being the 50th anniversary of their marriage. They were married March 25th, 1859, in Belmont County, Ohio. They moved to Keokuk County in 1864, settling near Coal Creek, where they have since resided. Of the ten children, eight of whom are living, six were present. These were Louisa Wood of Sanborn, Mr. and Mrs I. W. Clendenon of Oskaloosa, Mrs. L. R. Green of Union, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Pim and Misses Hannah and Lydia Clendenon of What Cheer. The absent ones, Mrs. S. H. Mott of Mankato, Minn., and Smith Clendenon of Lakonta, were each represented by a daughter, Miss Eleanor Mott and Miss Fae Clendenon. Mr. and Mrs. A. Branson of Thornburg, were also present, Mr. Branson being the only surviving brother of the bride of fifty years ago. Her only sister, Mary J. Steer, who lives in Ohio, and who celebrated her own Golden wedding two years ago, though not able to be present in person, sent a written message, and the beautiful lines which appear below. A very pleasant feature of the day, was the letters and greetings from distant friends and realtives which came from may states east and west. Among other gifts was a box of orange blossoms from California. It was a good day, and it would take more than the rough winds and muddy roads of a blustering March day to mar the happiness of such and occasion. 
Family: F2895
41 Benajah Binford (1790-1858) was born in 1790 in North Carolina. He was a son of James and Hannah (Crew) Binford. He married Judith Binford, his first cousin and a daughter of John and Martha Binford, in 1811. For marrying his first cousin, he was disowned by Jack Swamp Monthly Meeting, but he was readmitted to membership the same year. In 1826 they removed from Rich Square Monthly Meeting to Duck Creek Monthly Meeting in Henry County, Indiana, though they actually settled in what is now Ripley Township, Rush County. They were early members of Walnut Ridge Friends Meeting. Benajah died in 1858, and Judith died in 1871. Both are buried in the Walnut Ridge Burying Ground. Family: F2389
42 Catherine married third John Williams of Montgomery township. Here is an abstract of the wedding certificate with the list of those signing:

John William, Montgomery, widower married Catharine Edwards, of same, widow, at Gwynedd meeting house, 3rd mo (May) 12, 1714. Column 4 - Signing below bride and groom: Hugh Griffith, Lewis William, Wm Williams, Cadr Morris (her son by her first marriage), Theo Williams, Hugh ffoulke, Griff: Edwards, David Griffith, Evan Evans, Rowland Hugh, Owen Owens, Robt Evan, Owen Evan, Robt Jones. Col 3: Ellin Morgan, Ellin Hugh, Anne ffoulke, Jane Evan, Sarah Pugh, Lettice William, Anne Roberts, Eliza Thomas, Martha Todd, Cath: William, Eliza: Davies Gaenor Humphrey, Ellin ffoulke, Ellin Parry, Bridget Griffith, Lowry Jones, Ellin Hugh. Col 2: Anne Owens, Gwen ffoulke, Margret Humphrey, Eliza Evans, Col 1 (most left): Rowland Ellis, Ellis Pugh, Tho: Evan, Rees Thomas, Row: Powell, James Streater, Edd Rees, Edd ffoulke, Cadr Evans, Jno Hugh, Jno Humphrey, Evan Griffith, Edd Griffith, Tho: ffoulke, Griff: Miles, Jos: Todd.

It is likely she lived near the Hatfield line as her step son Theophilus Williams, who married Grace Foulke, Edward's daughter, lived at the upper end of Montgomery township, adjoining the Hatfield line, is shown by the description of the road laid out from there, downward, through the township. 
Family: F3852
43 Edward Griffith and Katherine William were married at Hugh Roberts' house in Merion the18th day of the 8th month 1689. Witnesses: Column 1: Thomas Griffith, Robert William, Evan Harry, Rees Johns, John Roberts, Robert David, Hugh Jones, Edward Rees, David Moris, John Roberts, Charles Hughs, Evan Harry, Joshua Owen, Wm Cureton, Cadwalader Morgan, Wm Edward; Column 2: Robert William, Tho. David, Rowland Richard, John Hugh, Robert Jones, John Owen, Tho. Jones, Abel Thomas, Caddr Jones, Owen Hugh, Edward Hugh, William Robert, David Thomas, Wm David, Robert Hughs; Column 3: Elizabeth William, Gainor Roberts, Elizabeth David, Elizabeth Edward, Mably Rees, Jane Morgan, Hannah Jones, Sarah Rees, Mary Llewelyn, Sarah Thomas, Katherine Jones, Elin Jones, Katherin William, Katherin Richard, Sybil Price.

Children of Edward and Katherine William recorded at Merion: Elin, the daughter of Edward Griffith and Katharine b. 5, 7th mo., 1690; Jane, the daughter of Edward Griffith and Catherine b. 3, 1st mo. 1693; Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Griffith and Catherine b. 6, 12th mo., 1698; Thomas, son of Edward Griffith and Catherine, b. 2, 9th mo., 1699; Jane, daughter of Edward Griffith and Catherine b. 3, 6th mo. 1701.

Marriages of Children: (1) Ellin m. Robert Evans (#45), brother of Thomas Evans. (2) Elizabeth m. Thomas Evans; (3) Katherine m. 10 mo., 8, 1725 at Radnor MH, Robert Jones, son of Peter Jones and Jane Wharton. (4) Margaret m. Evan Evans, son of Robert and Ellen of Gwynedd; (5) Sarah m. 9 mo., 6, 1729 at Radnor MH, Joseph Williams of Whitemarsh twp. (son of David Williams b. Llandilo, Caermarthenshire, Wales, d. November 11, 1714 in Whitemarsh township and Mary Rhoads his wife).

The brother in law of Elizabeth (Griffith) Evans was Robert Jones (married her sister Katherine Griffith) who left a legacy to Elizabeth and her children:

ROBERT JONES. Philadelphia. cordwainer. 5 mo. 6, 1745. October 1, 1745. H.52.
Nephew: John Evans.
Cousins: Elizabeth Evans (wife of Thos. Evans), Owen, Edward, John and Mary (children of Thos. Evans), Peter Evans, Thomas Griffith, Joseph Williams, Evan Bevan (wife, Margaret), Robert Jones (wife Catherine).
Exec: Thomas Evans.
Wit: John Evans (his mark) and William Jones. 
Family: F7806
44 Edward Milner married Bethsheba Nichols in Belmont County before Asahel Hoge, Justice of the Peace, on November 13, 1834. Eli Nichols, her father appeared with them for she was only seventeen. Her Mother was Elizabeth (White) Nichols. Bethsheba was born in Union Township, Belmont County, Ohio, on February 9, 1817. Family: F434
45 Evan Jones, son of John Evans, Radnor married Lowry Evans daughter of Thomas, Gwynedd, at Gwynedd meeting house, 4th mo 8, 1711. Witnesses at the wedding included Lewis, Evan, Samuel, Seaborn and Evan Lewis.
From the Gwynedd MM minutes:

At Our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 28th 11 mo 1717
2nd William Lewis and Lowrey Jones Declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other the first time \endash he is Desired to produce a Certificate of his Clearness and Conversation from the Meeting he belongs to To our Next Meeting
At Our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 25th 12 mo 1717
William Lewis and Lowrey Jones Declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other for the second time \endash his Certificate from Chester Monthly Meeting Giving a good account of Conversation and Clearness also affairs relating to her Child by a former Husband being Settled to Satisfaction they are Left to their Liberty to accomplish their Intentions \endash Edward Foulk and John Hugh are appointed to Attend their Marriage
At Our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 25th 1st mo 1718
1st The Friends Appointed Last Meeting to Attend the Marriage of Wm Lewis report it was Decently Accomplished \endash his Certificate also ordered to be entered 
Family: F7850
46 FHC #0020457 Item #8 Quaker Records, Concord MM Marriages 1698-1783 p.94
27d 2m 1737 = 27 Apr 1737
"Whereas Benjamin Sharples, son of Joseph Sharples[s] of Middeltown, Chester Pa, and Edeth Broom of Concord dau. of James Broom, deceased... fully accomplishing their intentions this 27day, 2nd mo 1737...
WITNESSES: Benjamin Mendenhall, John Pennell, Thomas Marshall, Jonathan Thatcher, Ralph Eavenson, Robert Mendenhall, Robert Wilson, Moses Key, Jacob Vernon, Benjamin Mendenhalll Jr, Thomas Booth, Samuel Savill, Thomas West Jr, Abraham Vernon, John Palmer, Nathan Newlin, Richard Eavenson Jr, John Newlin, Joseph Chamberlin, Ann Mendenhall, Lowrey Hammans, Mary Pennell, Lydia Mendenhall, Lydia Vernon, Phebe Eavenson, Rebeacka Newlin, Rebacah Key, Mary Mendenhall, Hannah Mendenhall, Rachel Walter, Jane Newlin, Elisabeth Booth, Martha Palmer, Susannah West, Hannah Gilpin Jr, Mary Newlin Jr, Ann Evetes, Joseph Sharples, Lydia Sharples, Nicholas Newlin, Edeth Newlin, William Hammans, Joseph Sharples Jr, Samuel Sharples, Nathan Sharples, Jane Sharples, Lydia Martain, Susanna Chamberlin" 
Family: F10076
47 From records of the Falls Monthly Meeting, on Family History Library film number 20459

Whereas John Boldwin of the Township [of] Makefield in the County of bucks and Province of Pensilvania weaver & ann Sco of the tow county and Province aforesaid Spinster having intentions of marriage With each other before several Monthly <[M]eetings> of the People of god Called Quakers in the County of Bucks aforesaid according to the Good order used among them Whose Proseedings there in after a deliberate considera and having concent of Ralations and par Concerned nothing appearing to obstruct was approved of by the Said meetings Now these are to Certifie all whom it concern that afore the full accomplishment of there said intentions this eighth day of the twelfth month in the Year of our Lord one Thousan[d] Seven hundred and Seven the said John Boldwin & ann Scott appeared in a Publick Meeting of the aforesaid People at there usual Meetting house in the falls Township and County aforesaid and the Said John Boldwin taking the said Ann Scott by the hand did in a Solemn Manner openly declare that he took her to be his Wife promising to be unto her a true and Loving husband untill death Should Seperate them and then and their in the said assembly She the Said did in Like manner openly Declare that Shee took the Said John Boldwin to be her husband P[r]omising to be unto him a faithfull Wife untill death Should Saperate them (and Moreover the said John Boldwin an[d] Ann Scott (She according to the Custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband as further Confirmation theirof) did then and there to to these Presents Sett there hands) [1] & we whose names are hereunder Subscribed being amongst others at the Solemnization of the Said marriage & Sub have allso Like these p[re]sants sett our hands the day and year above written
John Boldwin, Ann Boldwin 
Family: F1212
48 From: 100 years at Warrington: York County, Pennsylvania Quaker Marriages

31st of 5th mo 1759«tab»HARMAN UPDEGRAF-LIDIA HEALD
Harman Updeqraf of york town and province of Pencilvania, tanner, and Lidia Heald daughter of Thomas Heald of the same place ... this thirty first day of the fifth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty the houfe of Nathen Hufsey in york town aforesd

Christian Haner
John Robison
Michael Croll
Ann Harlon
Betty Willis
Jane Garretson

Susanah Updegraf
Samuel Updegraf
Abraham Updegraf
Alexander Underwood
Francis Worley
John 6arretson
John Hufsey
John Day
William Willis
John Hadgin
David Honey
Siles Heald
James Rob
John Hendricks
Jedaah Hufsey

Harman Updegraf
Lidia Updegraf
Thomas Heald
Joanna Heald
Nathen Hufsey
James Heald
Susanah Hufsey
Hannah Todd
Joseph Updegraf
Derick Updegraf
Ambrus Updegraf
William Updegraf
Petter Updegraf
John Updegraf 
Family: F7213
49 FTM CD-192 Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy 1750-1930
Plainfield Monthly Meeting, Volume IV, page 345:

March 26, 1823. Edwin, son of Jeremiah & Faith, Belmont Co., O., married in Goshen Meeting House, Gulielma EWERS, daughter of Wm. & Amy, Belmont Co., O. 
Family: F3364
50 Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, Quaker Marriage Certificates: Perquimans,
Pasquotank, Suttons Creek & Piney Woods Monthly Meetings, North
Carolina, 1677-1800 (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1988) p. 101
Page 33/2 Perquimans MM
Frances TOMES of Paquimons, and Rebeckah PEIRCE of the same place ...
5, 4m called June, 1722 ... at paquimons ... 
Family: F2838

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