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Matches 101 to 150 of 1877

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101 Reference Number:1368 Family: F1071
102 Reference Number:1370 Family: F1072
103 Reference Number:1372 Family: F1073
104 Reference Number:1373 Family: F1074
105 Reference Number:1374 Family: F1075
106 Reference Number:962 Family: F1069
107 Reference Number:969 Family: F1070
108 Robert Evans, of Gwynedd, son of Owen, d. September, 1746, m. 1st, at Radnor mtg., 3d mo. 30 1717, Ellen Griffith, dau. of Edward, of Upper Merion; 2d, at Gwynedd m.h. 3d mo. 2, 1729, Ruth Richard, dau. of Rowland, late of Tredyffrin, Chester county. Robert's will was dated 7th mo. (September) 8, 1746, and probated October 1, indicating very closely the time of his death. He leaves to his two sons, Evan and Robert, "the messuage and tract of land situate the west side [of] and divided from my other land by the road leading from North Wales meeting house to Plymouth meeting house," containing about ten acres, his wife, Ruth, to have a right to live on it, however, till his said sons were of age. He makes bequests to his "eldest son" Owen, to his son Peter, and to his daughter Catharine, wife of Peter Jones, and names as his "minor children", Evan, Robert (both named above), Ellin, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ruth, and one yet unborn, but expected. He appoints his wife Ruth executrix, with power to sell the farm he lives on, about 150 acres. He appoints his brother in law, Samuel Richards, and his uncle, Joseph Jones, and his cousin John Evans, overseers and trustees. He describes himself in his will as "of Gwynedd, yeoman." Family: F7807
109 Robert Miller of Pipe Creek, Frederick Co., Maryland, son of Robert Miller
and Sarah his wife of Newbury Township, York Co., Pennsylvania, and Jane
«u»Williams«/u» of Pipe Creek, dau of Jacob «u»Williams«/u» and Ruth his wife of War-
rington Township, York Co., Pennsylvania, 26th day of 11th month, 1788.
Witnesses: John Willets, Solo. Shepherd, Susanna Shepherd, Samuel Farm
quhar, John Penrose, William Roberts, Ittai Everitt, William Kenworthy,
Wm. Kenworthy junr., Mary Kenworthy, Hannah Kenworthy, Moses Far-
quhar, William Farquhar, Benja. Farquhar, Eli= Farquhar, Ann Roberts,
Geo: Pusey, John Pidgeon, Joseph Everitt, Sarah Farquhar, Wm. Farquhar
(of A.), Ruth Plummer, Robert Miller, Jacob Williams, Ruth Williams,
Samuel Miller, Hannah Jordan, James Miller, Israel Williams, Sarah Wil-
liams, Hannah Miller, Allen Farquhar junr, Jehu Moore, Mary Farquhar. 
Family: F4745
110 Robert was b. Sunday 22 July, 1734. He m. Asenath Phipps 21 Jan., 1760. His marriage was not recorded in his father's Bible and he was disowned by the Uwchlan M.M. for being married before a magistrate.
Asenath was the d/o Nathan Phipps who was the s/o Joseph Phipps. Joseph came to the Colonies with William Penn in 1682 and he represented Chester Co. in the First Assembly held in Philadelphia in 1688. He was a bosom friend of William Penn and was with him at the Great Treaty with the Indians under the Elm Tree. In Benjamin West's famous picture of the scene he, Joseph Phipps, is represented as standing by the side of Mr. Penn. Asenath's mother, whose name is not known, died at the age of 104 years old near Philadelphia. She was a little Welsh woman and it is said that she had walked 4 miles a short time before her death. Robert d. 7 Sept., 1760, about 3 months before his son, Jehu (27) was born. A grand daughter, Marie John Hitts, was quoted as saying her grandmother, Elizabeth, wife of Jehu, said that Jehu's father, Robert, took a severe cold from falling in a mill race and died from the effects of it, only 26 years o;d. Dr. J. J. John thought he was drowned in Darby Creek.
Following was copied from the Records of the Monthly Meetings at the Friends Church in Uwcchlan: "Robert John s/o Griffith, the emigrant, died leaving a wife and 1 child, Jehu John, 1760." Griffith John, Jr., a brother, was appointed the administrator. His report, filed in court in 1762 shows the distribution as follows: To Jehu, the son, 34 L., 6 S., 7 D. and to Asenath, his wife, 17 L., 3 S., and 4 D. Asenath later remarried and had 7 issue by this husband. 
Family: F7310
111 Samuel Painter Junr son of Samuel Painter and Elizabeth his wife of Burmingham In the County of Chester and Province of Pensilvania and Esther Gilpin Daughter of Joseph Gilpin Deceased and of Hannah his widdow of the Township and County afore said were married this fifth day of the Sixth month in the yeare one Thousand seven hundred forty one in a publick meeting of people called Quakers at their meeting house in Concord.
Samuel Painter,
Esther Painter.
Moses Key John Townsend Anne Painter
John Pennell George Carssen Lydiah Painter
Benja Mendenhall Ann Mendenhall Hannah Saile
Peter Hatton Mary Pennel Alice Buckingham
Caleb Peirce Lydiah Mendenhall Rachel Seal
Nicholas Newlin Mary Peirce Elline Carssen
Nathn Rutter Ann Evets Hannah Mendenhall
Joseph Williams Edith Newlin Grace Cloud
John Pyle Sarah Buckingham Nathannel Riding
Joseph Mendenhall Mary Newlin Thomas Painter
John Painter Rachel Pyle Samuel Painter
James Stoney Hannah Townsend Elizabeth Painter
Benjamin Sing Anne Caldwell Hanah Gilpin
Isaac Mendenhall Anne Peirce Ruth Gilpin
Ruth Mendenhall Isaac Gilpin Richard Eavenson
Mary Gilpin George Gilpin Sarah Cook
Mary Taylor Hannah Seal Moses Gilpin
Alice Eavenson Joseph Gilpin 
Family: F3928
112 Signers of marriage record: JOHN CLAYTON, BENJ. CLAYTON, Thomas White,Caleb Johnson, James Woody, John Wilson Jr, LYDIA CLAYTON, SARAHCLAYTON, Anna Moore, Deborah EVANS, Margery Lambert, MIRIAM CLAYTON(Must have been a second marriage. Family: F1764
113 Single, 15 MAY 1722 Family: F27
114 Single, 22 OCT 1895, Mt Pleasant, Ohio

Fact 1:
PLAC Witnessed by A.H Hussey, D.C. Milner, John Pennington 
Family: F10
115 Source Information: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute (Jay and Delene Holbrook). 
Family: F5610
116 Source Information: West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data:

"West Virginia Marriages, 1853\endash 1970." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008, 2009. Digital images of originals housed in County Courthouses in various counties throughout West Virginia. Marriage records. 
Family: F9957
117 Source Information:
Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research. Ohio Marriages, 1803-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001. 
Family: F317
118 Source Information:
Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research. Ohio Marriages, 1803-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001. 
Family: F9771
119 Squire Boone m. Sarah Morgan marriage certificate from Gwynedd Meeting records;
Whereas Squire Boone, son of George Boone, of the county of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, and Sarah Morgan, dau. of Edward Morgan, of the said county and province, having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before two monthly meetings of ye people called Quakers, held at Gwynedd, in ye said county, according to ye good order used among them, whose proceedings therein, after deliberate consideration, and having consent of parents and relations concerned therein, their said proceedings are allowed by said meeting: NOW THESE ARE TO CERTIFY whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions this 23\super rd\nosupersub day of ye 7\super th\nosupersub month, in the year of our Lord 1720, the said Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan appeared at a solemn assembly of the said people for that purpose appointed at their public meeting place in Gwynedd aforesaid, and the said Squire Boone took the said Sarah Morgan by the hand [and] did in a solemn manner declare that he took her to be his wife, promising to be unto her a faithful and loving husband, until death should separate them, and then and there in the said assembly the said Sarah Morgan did likewise declare [etc., etc., etc.].
[Witnesses] Morgan Hugh
Cad'r Evans
George Boone
John Edwards
Mary Webb
Edward Morgan
Thomas Evans
Elizabeth Morris
Elizabeth Morgan
Cadw'r Evans
Dorothy Morgan
George Boone [Junior]
Robert Evans
Elizabeth Hughes
Ja : Boon Jno. Cadwalader
Mary Hammer
Wm. Morgan Jno. Williams
Elizabeth Morgan
Jno. Morgan Jno. Humphrey
Jane Griffith
Daniel Morgan Jno. JonesMary Jones
Morgan Morgan
Jno. Jones
Ellin Evans
Jos. Morgan
Owen Griffith
Gainor Janes
Jno. Webb
Rowland Roberts
Samuel Thomas
Amos Griffith
John Evans
Robert Jones 
Family: F4170
120 The 2nd day of the 8th month in 1682, "John Balles and Mary Cleton did propound their intentions of marriage and nothing being found but clearness they were ordered to present it againe before the next monthly meeting this beign the first time of their proposall and it is also ordered that Robert Wade and his wife inquire into their clearness and bring it in at the next meeting." Chester Meeting Minutes. Second intentions were presented before the meeting of 11 month 1, 1682 and they were cleared for marriage. The name Beals has been variously spelled Bales, Baels, Beal, Beale, Beales, Balles, etc. Family: F89
121 The Family Of Mordecai And Mary D. Price.
Mordecai Price and Mary Dillon were married in the year 1802, the marriage being solemnized in Friends' Meeting-house at Gunpowder, Maryland. The house in which they first settled was their home during all their married life. It is near what is known as " The New Meeting House," at Gunpowder. It was at that home that all the children were born, and that the mother and three of her daughters passed away.
The names of the ten children were, Isaiah B., Rebecca (who left these memoranda), Elizabeth, Ann D., Hannah, Mary, Martha, Moses D., Mordecai and Deborah. The sons all married, and of the daughters, Elizabeth married Dr. Mahlon C. Price, Ann D. married Abraham Scott, and Deborah married Albert Hoopes. The other four did not marry.
They all died before Rebecca, except Mordecai and Deborah, who are still living, 1896. 
Family: F7493
122 The following is from page 500 of the reprint of Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in Pennsylvania with Genealogical Sketches of some old families, by John Hill Martin, Esq., originally published 1877, reprint by John A. Bullock III, Reidsville, NC, 1999: "William Hewes . . . was married 9 mo. 12, 1713, at Chichester Meeting, to Mary, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Withers, and granddaughter of Jeremiah Collett, of Chichester, who was, I believe, the same who married Jane, eldest daughter of Joan May, of Devizes in Wilts, 'a first purchaser.' He is styled a mason in some old writings, but probably followed farming to some extent. His wife survived him and died about 1750. Their children were William, John, Samuel, Isaac, Caleb, Sarah, Lydia, Rebecca and Hannah. William married (1st) Lydia Dutton and (2nd) Rebecca Gregory, and died in 1753, leaving but one child, Aaron, to survive him. John married Mary, the daughter of Thomas Barnard, and granddaughter of Richard and Frances Barnard of Aston. He died in 1759, leaving two children, Christian and Jacob. His widow soon afterward married Archibald Dick, and her daughter married about 1764, Elisha Dick, who was probably a brother to Archibald. John Hewes, of Chichester, Tanner, in his will, dated Feb. 2, 1759, proven Mar. 2, 1759, gave to his wife Mary the Homestead for life, and afterwards to his children Christianna and Jacob. Also to his wife 200 acres in Douglass Township, Berks Co., purchased of Thomas Barnard, until the children became of age or married. Some other land in Chichester and Berks Co. to be sold by ex-ecutors, his wife and Richard Dutton, of Aston. In case the children did not live to inherit, the property to go to 'Aaron Hewes, son of brother William, and to such sons of brother Samuel Hewes as should be living at the time.' Jacob Hewes was the father of the present Jacob Hewes, of Ridley. Samuel Hewes, above, married and settled in Jersey. Isaac married Lydia Weldon, and left a daughter. Sarah married (?)Robert Moulder and left a daughter Sarah, who married Nathaniel Falconer. Lydia married Wm. Grubb; Rebecca, Samuel Grubb; and Hannah, William Vaughan." From page 216 of Early Church Records of Delaware Co., Pa, by Henry C. Peden Jr, MA, and John Pitts Launey: "Mary (Withers) Hewes of Chichester, widow of William, in her will dated 29th of 4th mo, 1748, proven 20th of 6th mo, 1750, mentions sons William [4th], John, Samuel, Isaac and Caleb, and daus. Lydia Grubb (wife of Wm), Rebecca Grubb (wife of Samuel) and Hannah Hewes, also mentions grand-dau. Sarah Moulder." Family: F929
123 The following witnesses signed the marriage certificate:
John Stanley, James Crew, Joshua Stanley, Littlebury Stanley, Shadrack Stanley, Moses Harris, John Harrris, John Shelton, Nicholas Stanley, Mr. Hutchins, John Anderson, Agnes Stanley, Ursula Stanley, Mary Payne, Elizabeth Strong, Sara Strong, Rebecca Stanley, Sara Stanley, Huldah Stanley, Mary Strong, Margaret Stanley, Nancey Shelton, Dolly Payne, Elizabeth Harris, Susanna Stanley. 
Family: F1590
124 The Maddock family came from the Chester, England. As early as the 16th century, seven Maddocks were admitted to the
City of Chester as Freemen (craftsmen who were permitted to do business within the city walls) and Maddocks are listed in the
first parish registers of St. John the Baptist Church. By the time of the Hearth Tax of 1664--65 in Chester, there were at least 14
Maddock families in the city. Nathan Maddock (1642-1680) was a respected member of the Frandley Monthly Meeting and often
served as their representative to the Chester Quarterly Meeting. At the local level, he was responsible for the help the Monthly
Meeting gave to widows; Nathan paid their rent, and on one occasion he disbursed money for a coffin, presumably when one of
the widows died. Nathan himself died in 1680 at the age of 38; at the time of their father's death, Nathan, the oldest son was 20
years old, and Alice the youngest daughter was five. In 1681, the year after her father's death, Esther the oldest daughter, married
Peter Dicks. In 1682, trouble in the Maddock house was bad enough to come to the attention of the Frandley Monthly Meeting. It
appears that Nathan and his brother-in-law, Peter, didn't get along with each other. After several months of investigation, the
Monthly Meeting decreed that Peter Dicks should leave the Maddock house, but he refused. By 1684, Nathan too, was married
and his wife and her sister were living in the house. Deborah, the second daughter was also married about this time. According to
a family story, Esther and Peter Dicks left for Pennsylvania in 1684. 
Family: F3993
125 Theodore Ellis signs marriage certificate as overseer of the marriage: William Erwin, Gwynedd married Rebecca Roberts daughter of Cadwalader Robert of same dec'd at Gwynedd meeting house, 11th mo 13, 1735/36. Family: F4247
126 Thomas Bollo, of Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Pa.,
yeoman, was married, 12 Mo. 10, 1742-43, at Sadsbury Friends'
Meeting House, to Anne Williams, of East Sadsbury Twp.,
Chester Co. , Pa. , widow of Zacharias Williams. 
Family: F8151
127 Thomas Carr, son of Walter and Lartha Carr, of Anne Arundel County, m. 22nd
day of 9th month, 1705, to Elizabeth Price, dau. of Mordecai and Mary, of Anne
Arundel County, at West River.

Mary Thomas, Ann Gallaway, Deborah
Moore, Elizabeth Hawkins, Sarah Sparrow, Elizabeth Waters, Hana G allaway,
Mary «u»Huchins,«/u» Margaret Hopkins, Samuell Gallaway, Samuell Thomas, Richard
Gallaway, John Hawkins [?], John Gale, G arard Hopkins, Joseph Richardson,
Henry Child, Francis Wason, Beniamen Welch, John Chew, James Bales, Mordicai
Price, Mary Price, Beniannen Capell, Stephen: Price, Robard Franklin, Artredge
Franklin, Thomas Holand, Elizabeth Goot. 
Family: F7422
128 Thomas Plummer of Frederick Co. son of Joseph West Plummer and Mary
his wife and Susanna Talbott of the county afsd, dau of John Talbott and
Mary his wife, 24th day of 7th month, 1800.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Welsh,
Ellen Plummet, Hannah Elliott, Ann Roberts, Margaret Elliott, Ruth
Meredith, Anna Norris, Emma French, Priscilla Plummer, Silas Baily, Julia
Breashear, Mary Breashear, Rachel Plummer, Sarah Waters, Margaret
Waters, Elizabeth Morsell, Lydia Pusey, Thomas Benton, John Pidgeon,
Susanna Pidgeon, William Morsell, junr, Benjn. Talbott, John Williams,
Sarah Elliott, Jos. W. Plummer, Mary Talbott, Mary Plu er, John Talbott,
Kinsey Talbott, Mary Talbott, Deborah Plummet, Peggy Talbott, Sally
Plummet, Mahala Plummet, Robt. Plummet, Rachel Plummer, Pate Plum-
met, Wm. Morsell, Jesse Hughes, John Talbott, junr, Nathan Pusey, An.
thony Poultney, Susanna Poultney, Otho French, Rebecca Roberts, John
Roberts, Wm. P. Richardson, Susanna Wood, Fielder Richardson, John
Family: F6650
129 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Source Citation:«/b» Source number: «i»533.000«/i»; Source type: «i»Electronic Database«/i»; Number of Pages: «i»1«/i»; Submitter Code: «i»IEG«/i». 
Family: F5273

7th of 12th mo 1750«tab»JOSEPH COMER-ELIZABETH HUSSEY
Joseph Comer son of Robert and Rebecah Comer of Warrington township and county of York in the province of Pencilvania and Elizabeth Hufsev daughter of Christopher and Ann Hufsey of the same place ... this seventh day of the twelfth month in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight ... in a publick meeting of the of people at warrington aforesd

Martha Cox«tab»John Griest«tab»Joseph Comer«tab»
Ruth Northland«tab»Martha Griest«tab»Elizabeth Comer«tab»
Jediah Hufsey«tab»We Underwood«tab»Robert Comer«tab»
Jacob Deals«tab»Jane Rhoads«tab»Christopher Hufsey«tab»
Sarah Vale«tab»Abigail Rhoads«tab»William 6arretson«tab»
Robert Vale«tab»Mary Collins«tab»Ann Hufsey«tab»
William Beals«tab»Rachel Leach«tab»Rebecah Comer«tab»
Richard Carl on«tab»Mary Underwood«tab»John 6arretson«tab»
Daniel 6riest«tab»John Hodgin«tab»Joseph 6arretson«tab»
Elizabeth Cox«tab»Elihu Underwood«tab»John Comer«tab»
Willing 6riest«tab»We Morthland«tab»Stephen Hufsey«tab»
Charls Northland«tab»Mary Beals«tab»Robert Comer juner«tab»
Henery Clark«tab»John Day«tab»John Marsh«tab»
William Ward«tab»Neomy Hufsey«tab»William Griffith«tab»
Rebecah Morthland«tab»Alexander Underwood«tab»We 6arretson«tab»
Hannah Nevet«tab»Sarah Underwood«tab»Lydia Heald«tab»
«tab»Mary Garretson«tab»Margret Marsh«tab»
«tab»Ann Rogers«tab»Agnes Morthland«tab» 
Family: F2108
131 Whearas: JOSEPH WILLIAMS AND ABIGAIL CLARK, both of Talbot county in the Province of Maryland, have declared their intentions of . marriage before several public meetings, of the people called Quakers, in the county aforesaid, according to the good order, used amongst them, whose proceedings thereinafter a «i»deliberate «/i»consideration thereof were approved by the said meetings they appearing clear of all others, now these are to certify all whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions this 12-234-month called February 1749, they the said Joseph Williams, and Abigail Clark, appearing in a public assembly o f the aforesaid people«sup»,«/sup» meet together in their meeting house., near Tuccaho Creek in the aforesaid county, in a solemn manner, he the said JOSEPH WILLIAMS, taking the said ABIGAIL CLARK by the hand did publickly declare that he tooke her the said ABIGAIL CLARK to to be his wife, promising thro God'so assistance' to be to her a faithful constant and loving husband; until it should please God by death to separate them, and then and there in the said A sembly, she the said ABIGAIL CLARK, having the said JOSEPH WILLIAMS by the hand did publiokly declare,

that she took him, the said JOSEPH WILLIAMS, to be her husband, promising thro God's assistance to be to him a faithful constant and loving wife, until i t should please God by death to separate them and the said Joseph Williams and Abigail Clark (she.acenting to the Custom of marriage,. assuming the name of her husband ), as a further confimation thereof did then and there to these presents, set their ,hands and we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present. at the solemnizing of their said marriage and subscription in manner, aforesaid as witnesses: have hereunto
subscribed our names, the day and year above written; Joseph Williams and ABIGAIL WILLIAMS.
Family: F5554
132 Wheras Alexander Edwards Junior of or near the township of Gwinedd in the county of Philadelphia and Gwen Edward of the said township and county having declared their Intentions of taking each other in marriage before severall publick meetings of the people called Quakers in the Welch tract, according to the good order used amongst them whose proceedings therin after a deliberate consideration thereof and consent of parties & Relations concerned being clear of all others were addmitted by the said meetings; NOW these are to certifie all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing of their said intention this 6th day of the 10th month in the year 1703/ they the said Elexander Edward and Gwen Edward appeared in a solemn & publick assembly of the aforesaid people & others, mett together for that end purpose in their pulick meeting place at Gwynedd aforesaid and in a solemn maner he the said Alexander Edward taking the said Gwen Edward by the hand did openly declare as followeth viz. friends in the fear of God & before I take my friend Gwen Edward to be my wedded promising with the assistance of God to love & esteem her & to behave my self as it behoofes an honest husband to his wife untill dewath separate us and then and there in the said Assembly the said Gwen Edward did in like manner declare as followeth viz: In the fear of God & before you I take my frind Alexander Edward to be my husband & do promise with the Assistance of God to obey Esteem & behave my self towards him as it behoofs an honest towards her husband till death separate us .
And the said Alexander Edward & Gwen Edward as a further confirmation thereof did then & there to these presents sett their hands; and we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present amongst others at the Sooleminzing of their said marriage and subscription in manner aforesaid as wittnesses thereunto have allsoe to these presents Subscribed our names the day and year above written. 
Family: F4196
133 Whereas Ambrose Updegraff of York Town in the County of York in Pennsylvania son of Joseph Updegraff and Susanna his wife, deceased, and Elizabeth Cookson of Monalin Township in the County of aforesaid, daughter of Samuel Cookson and Jane his wife, deceased....this eighteenth day of the twelfth month in the year of One thousand seven hundred and eighty Monalin Family: F6132
134 Whereas Eli Kirk of York Town in the County of York, State of Pennsylvania, , son of Caleb Kirk and Elizabeth, both deceased, and Edith Updegraff, daughter of Joseph Updegraff and Susanna his wife(deceased)...(were married)...this fourth day of the first month, one thousand seven hundred and eighty the Town of York and County afforesaid (sic).

Members present at the marriage: Jesse Matthews, Lydia Miller, Pricilla Norbury, Susanna Jones, Lydia Worly, Susanna Morris, Ann Worly, Hannah Welch, John Love, Mary Bennett, Elizabeth Miller, Rebekah Miller, Hannah Kersey, Joel Willis, Mordecai Miller, Jesse Milhouse, Cathrine Spangler, Elizabeth Crawford, Sarah Swope, Peter Yarnal, William Willis, Solomon Miller, Hannah Matthews, Ann Worly, Jr., Mary Kirk, Mary Love, Harman Updegraff, Hannah Willis, Michael Garber, John Jones, Benjamin Walker, Timothy Kirk, Joseph Updegraff, Elisha, Caleb and Ruth Kirk, Aaron and Mary Coats, Lydia Kirk,Joseph Garretson, William Welch, Ambrose, Lydia, Mary, Samuel and Rhoda updegraff.

(Source: Marriages, Warrington Quakers Monthly Meeting Book, York County, Pa.) 
Family: F10651
135 Whereas Samuel Webb, Son of John Webb of the Township of Exeter in the County of Berks and Province of Pennsylvania and Rebecca Paine, Daughter of Thomas Paine, in the Township, County and Province aforesaid, having declared their intention of marriage with each other before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers at Exeter and Maiden Creek according to the good order used amongst them and having consent of parents and parties concerned, their said proposals of marriage was allowed by the said Meeting.
Now these are to certify who it may concern that for the full accomplishing their said intentions, this third day of the fifth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixy four, they, the said Samuel Webb and Rebecca Paine appeared in a publick meeting of the said p eople at Exeter aforesaid and the said Samuel Webb taking the said Rebe cca Paine by the hand, did, in a solemn manner openly declare that he took the said Rebecca Paine to be his wife, promising, through Divine as sistance, to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until death should separate them; and then and there in the said assembly, the said Rebecca Paine did in a like manner, declare that she took the said Samuel Webb to be her husband, promising, through Divine assistance, to be unto him a loving and faithful wife until death should separate them. And moreover, they, the said Samuel Webb and Rebecca Paine (she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband), as a confirmation thereof, did, then and there, to these present set their hands.
Samuel Webb
Rebecca Webb

And we, being present at -------- of the said marriage and subscription do as witnesses here---, and ---- name the day and year above written .
Samuel Lee Rachel Willits John Webb
Margaret Lee Rachel Hughes Thomas Paine
Mordecai Ellis Martha Hughes Mary Webb
Mary Ellis George Hughes Mary Paine
Edward Hughes Sarah Ellis John Webb Ju n.
Elizabeth Hughes Samuel Boone Benjamin We bb
Hezekiah Boone Joseph Webb
William Boone William Paine
John Boone James Webb
Ann Lincoln James Boone
Mary Boone Thomas Willits
Hannah Coles Jane Hughes
Abijah Boone Ann Boone
Judah Boone Martha Boone
Samuel Hughes Thomas Ellis
Jane Hughes 
Family: F11611
136 WHEREAS, Ezekiel Shoemaker, son of Richard Shoemaker of Horsham, county of Philadelphia and province of Pennsylvania, and Ann Williams, daughter of John Williams, of the same place, having declared their intention of marriage with each other before several monthly meetings of the people called Quakers held at Gwynedd according to the good order used amongst Friends, and having consent of parents and of parties concerned in their intentions of marriage, was allowed of by the said meeting.
Now THESE MAY CERTIFIE all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions this tenth day of the Eleventh month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one, they the said Ezekiel Shoemaker and Ann Williams appeared in a public meeting of the said people at their meeting house at Gwynedd aforesaid and the said Ezekiel Shoemaker, taking the said Ann Williams by the hand, did in solemn manner openly declare that he took her the said Ann Williams to be his wife promising with God's assistance to be unto her a faithful and loving husband until death should separate them.
And moreover they the said Ezekiel Shoemaker and Ann Williams, she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband, as a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these presents set their hands. And we whose names are underwritten, being present at the solemnization of the said marriage and subscription, have as witnesses thereunto, set our hands the day and year above written. Daniel Morgan, Joseph Amber, Joseph Kenderdine, Isaac Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Humphrey Williams, David Davis, Evan Roberts, Jacob Jones, John Hickman, Margaret Hickman, Rachel Kenderdine, Henry Stiffield, Margaret Stiffield, Evan Jones, Elizabeth Gerret, Mary Gerret, Hannah Shoemaker, Joseph Naul, Harry Williams, Mary Williams, Ernmor Williams, Hannah Roberts, John Roberts, Joseph Shoemaker, Jonathan Shoemaker, Ellin Evans, Eliza Morgan, Richard Shoemaker, John Williams, Jane Williams, William Williams, George Shoemaker, Theophilus Williams, Agnes Shoemaker, Grace Shoemaker, Peter Cleaver, Thomas Kenderdine, Nathan Cleaver, Joseph Philips, Edward Ambler and others. 
Family: F4151
137 WHEREAS: JAMES KEMP and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS both of Talbot county, in the Province of Maryland, having declared their intentions of marriage before several public meetings of the people called Quakers, in the aforesaid county, according to the good order used amongst them, those proceedings after a delibarate consideration thereof were approved of by the said meetings, they appearing clear of all others, now these are to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions, this 2nd., day of 4th month called June 1749, they the said JAMES KEMP and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, appearing in a public assembly of the aforesaid people and others meet together in their meeting house near Tuccaho Creek in the aforesaid county, in a solemn manner, he the said James. Kemp, taking the said ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, by the hand, did publickly declare that he took her the said ELIZABETH WILLIAMS to be his wife, promsing thro God's assistance to he to her a faithful constant and loving husband, until it should please God by death to separate them, and then and there in the said assembly, she the said Elizabeth. Williams, having the said James Kemp by the hand, did publiekly declare that she took him the said James Kemp to he her husband promisng thro God's assistance to be to him a faithful constant and loving wife, until it should please God by death to separate them, and the said James Kemp and Elizabeth Williams, she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband, as a further confimation thereof, did then and there to these presents set their hands, and we being present a t the solemnizing of their said marriage and subscription in manner, aforesaid as witnesses have hereunto subscribed our names, the day and year above written.
Family: F5560
138 William and Isabelle were married at the home of Roger Webb in Sego Parish (Marriage Book of Lurgan Monthly Meeting and Myers, Irish Immigration). Family: F3149
139 William Hammans, son of Henry Hammans, of the parish of Nimpsfield, in the county of Gloucester, England, and Margaret Staples, daughter of William Staples, of the parish of Minchinghampton, in the said county, were married at a Friends' meeting at Naylsworth, 30th of 4th month, 1709.

At Concord Monthly Meeting, 6 mo. 8, 1715: "William Hammans produced a Certificate from the monthly meeting held at Painswick in the County of Gloster in the Kingdom of Great Britain the 8th day of the 2d mo. 1714, to the satisfaction of this meeting." It is somewhat singular that this certificate did not include his wife, and it was not till 3 mo. 7, 1722, that " Margrat Hammans produced a few lines of recommendation from friends
of Nailsworth in Gloster sheir, dated 9th of ist month 1721." They resided for a time in Concord township, but in 1722 removed to Upper Providence, taking a certificate to Chester Monthly Meeting, dated 7 mo. 3, 1722. Here he was recommended as a minister, in 1725, and Margaret died 9 mo. 4, 1731, aged 46 years. 
Family: F10071
140 William Matthews, of Baltimore County, yeoman, son of Oliver and Hannah
Matthews, m, Ann Price, widow of Aquila Price, and dau. of Isaac Griffith
in the Colony of Virginia, at Gunpowder Meeting House on 3rd day of 9th
month, 1774 [sic]. Witnesses: ---illh.[?1 Belt, Rebeckah Belt, John Belt,
Aquila Parrish, John Thomas, Daniel Matthews, Mary Ball,Stephen Price,
John Nailor, Jr., David Armstrong, James «i»Trapnall, Robert Parker, Mor-«/i»
decai Coale, Moses Dillon, Joshua Tipton, Robert Penrose, Rachel Coale,
Rebeckah Price, Ann Price, Mary Cole, Thomas Morford, William Harvey,
George Armstrong, Jr., Susanna Parrish, Elen. Humphry, William Lester,
Daniel Thomas, Benjamin Price, Mordecai Parrish, «u»William«/u» Tipton, John
Bond, Jr., Aquila Tipton, Jacob Johnson, Richard Belt, Nicholas Tipton,
Mary Parrish, Ann Moore, Rachel Mallonee, Mordecai Price, William
Herbert, Joseph Ball, Abram. Scott, Oliver Matthews, Hannah Matthews,
Thomas Matthews, Abrm. Gri th, Mary Nailor, Mary Griffith, Mary
Cornthwait, Hannah Dillon, John Price, Jr., Mordecai Price, Isabel Price,
Kitturah Parrish. 
Family: F6905
141 Witnesses to marriage: William Stanley, Thomas White, Josiah Unthank,George Hunt, Thomas Thornburg, WILLIAM CLAYTON, Anna Moore, Anna Unthank, Elizabeth White, Sarah BENBOW, SARAH CLAYTON, Ruth Unthank. Family: F1755
142 Yate Plummer, of Anne Arundel County, m. 23rd day of 12th month called
December, 1768, to Artridge Waters, dau. of Samuel, at Indian Spring. Witnesses:
Thomas Snowden, Elizabeth Hopkins, Samuel Snowden, Johannah Hopkins, John
Cowman, Richard Hopkins, John Snowden, George Robertson, William
Robertson, Richard Crabb, Richard Snowden, Jr., Artridge Waters, Samuel
Waters, Susanna Plummer, Robert Waters, Abraham Plummer, John Plummer,
Ann Waters, Arnold Waters, Margret «u»Mulikin,«/u» Jacob Waters, Samuel Waters,
Joseph Richardson, Rebekah Richardson, Garrard Hopkins. 
Family: F9443
«/b»In or near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the year 1683 was born to John & Elinor Philipps a son named Griffith. According to papers found in the West Chester Historical Society he was the 2nd of 6 issue:
Samuel, John, Robert, Sarah & Thomas (Merton). The Merle Huff Papers state that there was another son Daniel, but that is the only place this writer has ever seen that.
Nothing is known of his early life. In Haverfordwest there is a place called Hotel Mariner which was built in the 1650s-we stayed there. I had such a good feeling thinking that Griffith had most certainly seen this building & perhaps had even been in it when he was young.
There has been some speculation as to why the brothers left their home & migrated to the colonies. A relation told me that he had heard that Griffith was a widower & needed a change - why would Samuel & his wife come if that was the reason? Another told me that he heard that Griffith owed a tin mine in Wales & got into some sort of trouble & had to leave - the government then took over the tin mine. We checked this story
while in Wales & England & were told that there never were any tin mines in Wales - they were all in the Cornish section of England. There was tin factories or mills in Wales; Wales in the late 1600s was the scene of considerable religious activity. The Quaker leader, George Fox, visited there in 1657 & his preaching gained many converts. The movement caused controversy & religious oppression cause many of the Welsh converts to decide to emigrate to the colonies. This, I feel sure, was the reason our ancestor came to these shores.
Furthermore I feel that they used the old Welsh custom of name changing so as not to embarrass or cause undue trouble for their family they left behind.
Griffith, with his brother Samuel & Samuel's wife, Margaret took passage from Wales (probably from Haverfordwest as the tide used to come back that far & in those days it was quite a busy port) Dec., 1708.
Arrived in Philadelphia on 11 Feb., 1709. It has been reported that the trip was long & hard as they sailed through some bad weather that held them back, causing them to run out of food & fresh water. Upon landing the trio went to Goshen which was known as the Welsh Barony & seemed to have been a Quaker Settlement.
Nothing was recorded about Griffith until around 1714 when he & Ann Williams requested permission to marry at their Monthly Meeting. It should be noted here that Griffth was then 31 & Ann was 14! The customary investigations were made by the appointed members to be sure each was acceptable for this marriage.
The approval was given, however it was stressed that hopefully most young girls would not rush into wedlock at such an early age. On 23 July, 1714 Griffith & Ann were married. It must have been a happy, successful union for they were married 64 years & became the parents of 12 children.
Ann was b. 1700, the d/o Robert & Gwen Williams. Ann's father, Robert, who was known as "King of Goshen", was born in Wales in 1647. He married Gwen Cadawallader in the colonies 9 Apr., 1691. Robert died 1734. Gwen's parents were John & Sarah (Roberts) Cadawallader.
About 1715 under the auspices of David Lloyd, the Keeper of the Great Seal, Uwchlan Twp. was settled & Griffith was one of the first to purchase farmland there. He referred to his property as a plantation. In 1765 the valuation of Griffith John's property listed: 120 acres with buildings; 10 acres of woodland; 2 horses & 2 cows.
It has been written of Griffith that "he became a prominent minister of his sect. He stood well in his church & after his death a testimony relating to him was published by his Monthly Meeting. He lived in great simplicity & plainess & was a lover of peace & labored to promote good feeling among his neighbors. At the advanced age of 90 he was still a constant attendant at his Church, having been a minister there for over 70 years." He died 29 May, 1778, age 95. Ann died 13 Jan., 1782.
Perhaps I should mention here that this writer found in one place a story that the parents of our ancestor came over here to the colonies & settled in a different township from the brothers. This writer does not accept this story for nowhere has there been recorded that any member of our family was in that township. One must realize that the name of John was a fairly common one in Wales & so many who used the old Welsh custom of name changing came here as John folks. There was another Griffith John who had arrived here about the same time as our Griffith, settled in another township & also raised a large family. Many places I have found that others doing research had gotten the two families mixed up. Hence those parents were from another John family

Griffith JOHN:
His Ancestors and Descendants
By: Marijane (John) Zerphey 
Family: F5276
FHC #0020457 Item #8 Quaker Records, Concord MM Marriages 1698-1783 p.69
10d 11m 1732 = 10 Jan 1733
(Joseph is the son of Robert Pyle & Ann Stovey -- widower of Sarah Dicks)
(Sarah is the dau. of John & Mary Pennell -- widow John Gibbons)
"Whereas Joseph Pyle of Bethel, Chester, Pa, yeoman, and Sarah Gibbons of Bethel... full accomplishing their intentions this 10th day of the 11 month 1732...
WITNESSES: [1st row] Charles Dinge, William Brinton, Benjamin Mendenhall Jr, Thomas West, Thomas Marshall, Henry Oborn, Robert Wilson, Ralph Eavenson, Moses Key // [2nd row] Edeth Newlin, Mary West, Hannah Rositer, Mary Hariott, Mary Williams // [last row] Joseph Pyle, Sarah Pyle (bride & groom), John Pennell, William Pyle, Daniel Pyle, Joshua Pennell, Robert Green, Caleb Pennell, Mary Pyle, Lydia Pennell, Hannah Pyle, Sarah Pennell" 
Family: F5883
145 «i»12«tab» Early Quaker Records in Virginia
Nathan Newby the sonn of William Newby of Nanze mund County & Elizabeth Hollowell ye daughter of alce Hollowell of Elizabeth River did publish their Marriage at a meeting of men & women frends at Daniell Sanburns howse on the thirteenth day of ye Eaight month of this date and coming before the meeting the second time at William Cookes in Isleaweight county they did publish there Marriage againe on the tenth day of the ninth after and were married in hir Mothers house on this thirteenth day of the tenth month in the yeare-1687
Nathan Newby Elizabeth Hollowell

Izabell Newby
Alce Hollowell
Dorrithy Newby
Elizabeth Scott
Martha Jones
Ann Hackly
Margret Duke
Elizabeth Copland 
Family: F2700
146 "REES JOHN WILLIAM of Llanglynin, yeoman, or Rees Joans or Jones, was one of the seventeen original purchasers of land" in Merion township "by deed of 1 April 1682 through Thomas & Jones, but he did not come over till in 1684 when the land on the river was partly cleared and planted and the 'first come overs', the parties of Dr. Jones and Hugh Roberts, were well housed on their purchases. He found the land (his deed being recorded at Philadelphia 21 4mo 1684) allotted to him the worst proportioned in the tract, it being a narrow strip, only about 66 feet, on the river extending the full length of the other lots, to the Charles Lloyd land, where it was only about 264 feet wide, in all. here 76 1/2 acres, and remainder in Goshen twp.

'Rees Jones' as he was generally known, was a son of John ap William, a farmer in Llangelynin parish, Merioneth, who suffered considerable with the other Quakers in his neighborhood, 1661, &c. Rees came over with a large party of Welsh settlers in the ship Vine, of Liverpool, sailing from Dolyserre, near Dolgules, in Merionethshire, which is a maritime county, and arrived at Philadelphia on 17 7mo 1684. He was accompanied by his wife and three children.

His sister Margaret John William of Llangyllynin, widow, had preceded him, coming over in the party of Hugh Roberts, bringing a certificate of membership from the Quarterly Meeting near Dolgelly dated 27 5mo 1683, recorded at the Haverford or Radnor Monthly Meeting, As Margaret John she had patent 18 1mo 1717/8 for 400 acres of land on a branch of French Creek.

His brother, Evan John William, or Evan Jones also came over at that time, with his son, Robert Jones, (who resided at Gwynedd) and Evan John William died soon after, being buried in the ground of the Merion Meeting in 11mo 1683. He bequeathed some land in Goshen twp to his nephews, Richard and Evan Jones. Evan Jones, and Hannah his wife, and Mary Ellis, his mother in law and Gemima. her other daughter, brought certificate undated from the Meeting held at Tyddier y Gareg in Garthgunfawr near Dolegelle, Merioneth, to the Haverford Monthly Meeting, signed by Humphrey John, Robert and Rowland Owen, Owen Robert and Howell Lewis, and Hugh Rowland.

Rees Jones and his wife, Hannah, also brought the usual certificate of membership and removal, from the Quarterly Meeting near Dolgelly, dated 4 2mo 1684. Rees was described as 'of Llwyn Grevill, Clynn parish, Merioneth.

Before coming over he purchased by deed, dated 16 July 1684, the original right of Thomas ap Richard, or Prichard, of Nant Lleidiog to his share 156 1/4 acres of the Thomas & Jones tract. The 76 1/2 acres of which that lay in Merion adjoined the back part of Rees's land, and this gave him 153 acres in Merion. The present settlement of Merion. or Merion Station on Pensylvania Railroad, is on his land, and Rees's dwelling house was near it. By deed of 8 4mo. 1694, he sold his 76 1/2 acres on the river end, or his original purchase, to his brother in law, Cadwalader Morgan, whose land adjoined.

Rees Jones died 26 11mo. 1697/8, and was buried at the Merion Meeting House. His will which he signed with his mark, dated 24 11mo 1697/8, witnessed by Griffith John and Abel Thomas, was proved at Philadelphia, 4 March 1702/3. He named his sons Richard Evan and John; and overseers: Cadwalader Morgan, Abel Thomas, Edward Jones, Griffith John, and John Roberts.

He married, about 1678, Hannah Richards or Price, born in 1656, sister to Jane, wife of Cadwalader Morgan, of Merion, and to Edward Price, who came to Pensylvania before 1685-6, and daughter of Richard Gryffyth ap Rhys, or Prees, and Price, of Llanvawr or Lanfor parish in Merioneth, a member of the Friends Penylln Monthly Meeting, near Bala, whose will dated 26 11mo 1685, was filed at St Asaph registry in 1686. His will describes him as of Glanlloidiogin. Llanfor parish. Witnesses were Edward Nicholas, Thomas ap Robert, Lowry v Thomas, Rees Evans, and Cadwalader Ellis. To Edward Prees, alias Price (of Merion), eldest son; (after he came over here he sent to Wales for 'some intelligence of his Pedigree' which he received about 1700, and is extant); Jane, eldest daughter, wife of Cadwalader Morgan; daughter Hannah, wife of Rees John William; grandchildren William John, and Catherine John, children of John William; and son Thomas ap Richard, the executor, who received all of the estate of his father. Thomas renounced the trust, when the Court gave the administration to Edward Nicholas, of Cynlas.

After Rees's death, Hannah, his relict, married secondly, at the Merion Meeting, on 22 2mo 1703, Ellis David, of Goshen twp, a widower, who was buried sp 17 lmo 1720, and married, thirdly, 14, l mo 1722, Thomas Evans of Gwynedd twp. " (end of long quote from Browning)

Note: There is also a considerable account of Rees John William and his children in the Lloyd Manuscripts, (Welsh Records from the Collections of Howard Williams Lloyd, New Era Publishing, Lancaster, PA, [1912]), starting on page 165. Also, Thomas Allen Glenn has a Chapter on Rees John William, pps 73-86. in Merion in the Welsh Tract, which is likely the source for much of what Browning wrote. Furthermore, Thomas Allen Glenn, has much to say about the ancestry of Hannah Price, the wife of Rees John William on pages 92-97 of the same book.

Rees Jones, had by his wife, Hannah Price, who was of Royal Descent, the following issue, besides Margaret, b. 20. 6. 1697, Edward, and Catharine, who d. unmarried.

1. Richard Jones, born about 1679. He came over with his parents, and according to the records, filed with the Merion Preparative Meeting, of which he was a member an account of their ancestry, and life in the Old Country, on 2 12 mo. 1704-5. He inherited from his father the home-farm of about 100 acres, which he increased to 156 1/4 acres, and with some land he owned in Goshen, he had 293 3/4 acres altogether, in 1703. By deed of 8 Nov. 1720, he bought of John Roberts (the nephew of Thomas Lloyd, of Llangower, own of the original purchasers through Thomas & Jones), 39 1/2 acres, adjoining his Merion land.

By deed, dated 26 June 1729, Richard Jones conveyed all of his Merion land, then 156 1/4 acres, to Hugh Evans and removed to his land in Goshen twp, which he had increased by purchase. He and his brother Evan Jones bought there a tract of 153 1/ 4 acres, which on resurvey, was 178 acres. He died, aged 92 years, in Goshen twp on 16 7mo 1771, having been twice married.

Chester County Will abstract of RICHARD JONES, of Thornburry.
February 8, 1769. Proved August 28, 1771.
To son Rees Jones all wearing apparel. To daughter Deborah wife of John Cheyney furniture. To daughter Rebecca wife of Wm. Rettew ditto.
Divides remainder among children Rees Jones, Ann Goodwin, Rebecca Rettew, Deborah Cheyney and children of deceased son Nehemiah, viz., Robert and Rebecca Jones. Executor: Son in law John Cheyney.
Wit: Thos. Cheyney, Thos. Mercer, Thos. Howell.
Children of Richard Jones and Jane Evans (She married Richard Jones and she died 27. 2mo. 1711 and was buried at Merion Meeting House). The marriage certificate contents: Richard Jones of Merion, yeoman, and Jane Evans of Gwynnedd on the Welch Tract, at Gwynnedd Meeting Place, 4 mo., 6, 1705. Wit: Evan, John Gainor and Sarah Jones; Thomas, Anne, Lowry, Robert, Hugh, Evan and Lowry Evan, etc. (Haverford MM records). The list of witnesses named Evans suggest she is an unattributed daughter of Thomas Evans and Anne of Gwynedd (and later Goshen) as the other Evans names are the names of Thomas' children. 
Rees ap John (Jones)
147 Taylor COUNTY GA Bios Adams
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by John Adams


By John R. Adams, Sr.

The earliest information that is known at this time about the
Adams Family dates back to Virginia in the late 1700's.
Benjamin Adams of Southampton Co., Va. died about 1795. His
will was dated October 30, 1794 and probated March 12, 1795.
His wife was named Margaret and her maiden name is unknown at
this time.

The children listed in the will were as follows: daughter
Sally Ivey, wife of Adam Ivey; daughter Priscilla Prince,
wife of Joseph Prince; daughter Nancy; son Arthur; daughter
Betsy, (Elizabeth) wife of Jordan Pate; Charlotte, wife of
Herbert Pate; granddaughter Sally Adams; and wife Margaret.
Arthur Adams was the next in our Adams Family line. He
married Elizabeth Reese, daughter of Randolph and Sarah
"Sally" Harris Reese, in Southampton Co., Va. August 27,

They were the parents of Benjamin Adams, born February 16,
1803, in Virginia; Sarah Adams, married Wike Ivey; Charity
Adams, married Jesse B. Farr (of Upson County, Ga.); and an
unknown daughter who married Simeon Reese.

They moved to Columbia Co., Ga. about 1808 and Arthur Adams
died there in January, 1822.

Benjamin Adams is the next Adams in our family line and his
family and his mother Elizabeth Reese Adams moved to Warren
Co., Ga. after the death of Arthur Adams. His father's
sister, Charlotte Adams Pate, and her husband Herbert Pate
were living in Warren Co., Ga. at that time.

Benjamin Adams married Emily Ivey in Warren Co., Ga. December
18, 1823. She was the daughter of Dinkins and Lydia Hodgins
Ivey. Lydia Hodgin(s) Ivey was a Quaker and the daughter of
John and Mary Vernon Hodgin(s) both Quakers and original
settlers of Wrightsborough, Ga. John Hodgin(s) land grant was
dated February 2, 1769.

Benjamin and Emily Ivey Adams moved to Upson County, Georgia
about 1838 and settled south of Thomaston. Their land was
located west of U. S. 19 south of Thomaston past Tobler
Creek. Tobler Creek ran through their land. Benjamin Adams
owned Land Lots 160, 161, 169 and 50 acres of lot 192. At one
time he owned lot 163 and he sold it to Davis Dawson. All
these lots are in the 16th District of Upson Co., Ga. The
south west corner of Lot 163 is where my dad, Elder John
Bentley Adams, said that Uncle Joseph Lee Adams told him the
Benjamin Adams family cemetery is located. Benjamin and Emily
Ivey Adams and three of their children are believed to be
buried in this cemetery as well as his mother Elizabeth Reese

The children of Benjamin and Emily Ivey Adams were: (1)
Arthur Adams born October 9, 1824. He married first Unicey C.
Snipes and second to her sister Antoinette Snipes. Jewell
Adams Adams' husband Luke Adams was a descendent of this
family. (2) Amanda Adams born December 3, 1826. She married
Thomas Jefferson Norman and they settled in Bell Co., Texas.
(3) Dinkins Adams born January 20, 1828. He married Georgia
Ann Amanda Snipes and they settled in Bell Co., Texas. (4)
Benjamin Ivey Adams born April 15, 1829. He became a doctor
and settled in Alabama. He died October 6, 1885 and is buried
at Cleburne Co., Ala. I located him this year and have not
researched his family. (5) William David Adams born September
10, 1830. He married Samantha Jane McKindley and they settled
in Bell Co., Texas. (6) Elizabeth Adams born January 12,
1832. She married Francis Marion McKenney. She died in Taylor
Co., Ga. from complications of childbirth. She was the mother
of seven known children including two sets of twins. She died
February 21, 1860 after the birth of her second set of twins.
Francis M. McKenney moved to Lee Co., Ga. (7) Curtis Albert
Adams born August 15, 1833. He married Mary Elizabeth Jane
Rivier. Curtis Albert Adams was killed July 9, 1864 in The
War Between The States. His wife and children settled in
Thomaston. (8) Drucilla Margaret Adams born May 3, 1836. She
died November 15, 1844 and is believed to be buried in the
Benjamin Adams Family Cemetery. (9) Mary Ann Adams born
February 10, 1839. She married James M. Taylor and they
probably settled in Alabama. (10) Emily Adams born March 15,
1841. She died October 28, 1847 and is believed to be buried
in the Benjamin Adams Family Cemetery. (11) Joseph Randall
Adams born January 25, 1843. He married Mary Elizabeth
Caldwell and their family is the subject of this cookbook.
(12) Lillian Miranda Adams born March 8, 1845. She married
Doctor Joseph C. Chatham and they are believed to have
settled in Alabama. (13) Elline Annet Manervia Adams born
March 14, 1847. She married Andrew D. McComb and they are
buried in Buena Vista, Ga. Andrew McComb married Martha F.
"Mattie" Adams, daughter of Joseph Randall and Mary Elizabeth
Caldwell Adams, as his second wife. (14) Eveline J. Adams
born abt. 1849. She died September 23, 1851 and is probably
buried in the Benjamin Adams Family Cemetery. (15) Davis P.
Adams born abt. 1854. He lived with his sister, Mary Ann
Adams Taylor after the death of his parents. (16) Eldora
Adams born abt 1855. She was listed in the house of her
brother-in-law Francis Marion McKenney in Terrell Co., Ga. in

Benjamin and Emily Ivey Adams attended Good Hope Primitive
Baptist Church in Upson County, Ga. They both died in March
of 1863 and the inventory of their estate gives us a picture
of how they lived. They owned 14 slaves at the time of their
death and they were valued at $32,623.00 and 656 acres of
land valued at $10,075.00. Some of the items sold at the sale
of their estate: 25 Sheep, 124 hogs, 20 cows, 1 bull, 3
mules, 1 horse, 1 colt, 2 buggies, 1 saddle, 1 side-saddle, 9
bee gums, sewing machine, spinning wheel, blacksmith tools,
set of china, 5 beds (with 16 children they had to sleep more
than one to the bed), 200 lbs. of bacon, 168 lbs. lard, 549
bushels of corn, 52 bushels of wheat, 13 bushels of barley,
27 lbs. of wool, 8 bales of cotton, 2 ovens, one large oven,
18 chairs and 1 table. Joseph Randall Adams was away at War
when his parents died in March of 1863. He was in the Battle
of Stones River, Tennessee on December 31, 1862 through
January 2, 1863. By February 9, 1863 Joseph and Co. B, 2nd.
Georgia Sharpshooters were in Chattanooga, Tenn. His service
record does not state whether he went home when his parents
died. Joseph Adams was wounded September 20, 1863 in the
battle of Chickamauga, Tenn. He probably went home at that
time because there is no record of him going to a hospital.

Joseph Randall Adams married Mary Elizabeth Caldwell on
November 5, 1863. He was at home on November 24, 1863 and he
purchased 10 hogs for $1813.00. He purchased a Negro girl
named Susan for $2860.00 at the estate sale of his fathers
property on December 1, 1863.

We researched for years for Joseph Randall Adams and Mary
Elizabeth Caldwell Adams' marriage record. This year Ruth
Hays Cooper gave me some items from Aunt Lola Adams Waters'
family and a copy of their marriage certificate was among the
items. The certificate is very large and in very bad
condition. The following information: Mr. J. R. Adams of
Upson County, Georgia and Miss M. E. Caldwell of Taylor
County, Georgia were by me united in marriage according to
the ordinance of God and the laws of the State of Georgia at
John Caldwell's house on the 5th of November AD 1863. Signed
Elder Samuel Bentley. Witnesses P. C. Caldwell and Max (?)
Smith. (P. C. Caldwell was Pleasant Creed Caldwell brother of
Mary Elizabeth Caldwell) There were pictures of Joseph and
Mary Adams in the top corners. (Pictures taken in later life)

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Benjamin Franklin Adams
148 An Inventory of the Hanbury-Aggs Family Papers, 1718-1914
(13 boxes; 6.5 linear ft.)
RG 5/058

«u» Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. «/u»
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081-1399 U.S.A.

Henry Agg I (1780-1859)

Papers of Henry Aggs and his wife, Mary Gibbins Aggs, and of the Gibbins family. Henry Aggs was born in Norwich and was apprenticed as a Girdler, completing his tenure in 1818. Two years later, he married Mary, the daughter of Joseph Gibbins, a banker, at Birmingham. He worked as a Stock Broker and, at his death, was described as a Proprietor of Shares in Joint Stock Companies.

From "Temperence pioneers of the west : personal and incidental experiences"

On July the 1st, 1836, Henry Crine, a school master, Samuel W. Strong, Samuel Horton, and Henry Aggs, met together and formed a Temperance Society upon the principle of total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors.
Samuel Horton was a grocer in the lower Marketplace, and a local preacher among the Wesleyans, and had the honour to preach the first Temperance sermon in the borough. S. W. Strong and Henry Aggs were members of the Society of Friends. 
Henry Aggs
149 Pharmasist and Physician in Mt. Pleasant Ohio, Later ordained to preach in the Presbyterian Church. Organized churches of Farmington (now Colerain), Portland and Scotch Ridge. Moved to Warrenton Ohio, then back to Scotch ridge where he preached for 14 years. Then moved to Washington PA., Then Dallas Church of West Virginia. His Manse was built in Scotch Ridge later owned by A. H. Pickens. Notes for DR. ATHELBERT JAMES ALEXANDER: He was ordained 26 Oct 1869 a Presbyterian minister and also practiced medicine. Athelbert James Alexander
150 James Alexander born 9 May 1733 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, died 9 May 1817 in Belmont Co., OH and is buried in the Scotch Ridge Cemetery. His father was James Alexander born 1706 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. He married first, Margaret Wilson in 1757 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. She died in Scotland. They had the following children: Andrew born 1758 in Scotland, Jean [Jane] born 1760 in Scotland, James born 23 Aug 1762 in Scotland, died 11 May 1852 in Belmont Co., OH. James married Isabella Ross born 1767 and she died in 1845. Isabella was his step-sister; Margaret Alexander born 1765 in Scotland. James Alexander married the second time to Margaret A. Clark Ross on 29 December 1767 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. She was born in 1743 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland and she died 18 July 1809 in Belmont Co., OH and is buried in Scotch Ridge Cemetery. They had the following children: Elizabeth Alexander who married David Kincade, Mary Alexander who married ? McAllister, Thomas Alexander who married Rachel Dixon born 1789 and died 17 Aug 1865. They were married 13 Oct 1808; Agnes [Nancy] Alexander born 14 Nov 1768 and died in 1815, she married William Pickens; John "Silver John" Alexander born 1 Jan 1773 in York Co., PA died 28 Nov 1843 in Belmont Co., OH. He married Jane Hanna born 1775 and died in 1832; Peter Alexander born 15 Oct 1776 at Spring Farm, York Co., PA, died 25 Sep 1863 in Richland Co., OH. Peter married Jane Mitchell who was born 3 Sep 1786 and died 27 Mar 1864. They were married 17 Jan 1804 in Belmont Co., OH; Robert Alexander was born 15 Oct 1776 at Spring Farm, York Co., PA and died 10 Aug 1862. He married Jane Dixon who was born in 1782 and died 20 Nov 1856. They were married 7 Aug 1804 in Belmont Co., OH.  James Alexander

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