The Family Puzzles - Demystified (Sort of)

Frederick, Maryland, USA


Tree: My Genealogy
Latitude: 39.4725, Longitude: -77.3966666666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballinger, Cassandra  21 Oct 1802Frederick, Maryland, USA I2189 My Genealogy 
2 Ballinger, Edith  11 Apr 1799Frederick, Maryland, USA I2964 My Genealogy 
3 Ballinger, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1807Frederick, Maryland, USA I7327 My Genealogy 
4 Ballinger, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1811Frederick, Maryland, USA I7329 My Genealogy 
5 Ballinger, Rebecca  22 Mar 1814Frederick, Maryland, USA I7330 My Genealogy 
6 Ballinger, Samuel  1 Oct 1809Frederick, Maryland, USA I7328 My Genealogy 
7 Ballinger, William  7 Mar 1805Frederick, Maryland, USA I7326 My Genealogy 
8 Beeson, Charity  31 Dec 1782Frederick, Maryland, USA I17352 My Genealogy 
9 Boone, Hannah  6 Feb 1770Frederick, Maryland, USA I36713 My Genealogy 
10 Boone, John Hughes  10 Feb 1772Frederick, Maryland, USA I36714 My Genealogy 
11 Chambers, Martha  11 Nov 1746Frederick, Maryland, USA I1243 My Genealogy 
12 Farquhar, Susanna  5 Sep 1753Frederick, Maryland, USA I12136 My Genealogy 
13 Harlan, John  1766Frederick, Maryland, USA I9102 My Genealogy 
14 Hibberd, Benjamin  15 Nov 1786Frederick, Maryland, USA I36484 My Genealogy 
15 Plummer, Aaron  Abt 1763Frederick, Maryland, USA I3685 My Genealogy 
16 Plummer, Abram  3 Nov 1799Frederick, Maryland, USA I20588 My Genealogy 
17 Plummer, Anna  Abt 1756Frederick, Maryland, USA I3681 My Genealogy 
18 Plummer, Asa  18 Jun 1772Frederick, Maryland, USA I3687 My Genealogy 
19 Plummer, Deborah  1780Frederick, Maryland, USA I25573 My Genealogy 
20 Plummer, Ezra  Abt 1758Frederick, Maryland, USA I3682 My Genealogy 
21 Plummer, John  11 Oct 1796Frederick, Maryland, USA I3730 My Genealogy 
22 Plummer, Joseph West  Feb 1750Frederick, Maryland, USA I3680 My Genealogy 
23 Plummer, Miriam  Abt 1765Frederick, Maryland, USA I3686 My Genealogy 
24 Plummer, Robert  7 Aug 1771Frederick, Maryland, USA I21128 My Genealogy 
25 Plummer, Samuel  19 Jul 1754Frederick, Maryland, USA I3683 My Genealogy 
26 Plummer, Susanna  22 May 1757Frederick, Maryland, USA I3672 My Genealogy 
27 Plummer, Thomas  12 May 1776Frederick, Maryland, USA I25567 My Genealogy 
28 Poultney, Anthony  31 Mar 1752Frederick, Maryland, USA I7853 My Genealogy 
29 Poultney, Elizabeth  2 Dec 1782Frederick, Maryland, USA I8080 My Genealogy 
30 Poultney, James  26 Nov 1790Frederick, Maryland, USA I8084 My Genealogy 
31 Poultney, Jesse  16 Feb 1796Frederick, Maryland, USA I8086 My Genealogy 
32 Poultney, John  15 Aug 1778Frederick, Maryland, USA I8077 My Genealogy 
33 Poultney, Mary  15 Jul 1784Frederick, Maryland, USA I8081 My Genealogy 
34 Poultney, Rachel  24 Aug 1793Frederick, Maryland, USA I8085 My Genealogy 
35 Poultney, Sarah  22 Oct 1753Frederick, Maryland, USA I7854 My Genealogy 
36 Poultney, Thomas  27 Apr 1786Frederick, Maryland, USA I8082 My Genealogy 
37 Poultney, William  12 Aug 1788Frederick, Maryland, USA I8083 My Genealogy 
38 Prather, John  25 Jan 1769Frederick, Maryland, USA I43293 My Genealogy 
39 Pusey, Massey  1790Frederick, Maryland, USA I14715 My Genealogy 
40 Talbott, Eliza Jane  16 Aug 1820Frederick, Maryland, USA I21915 My Genealogy 
41 Talbott, John  11 Oct 1822Frederick, Maryland, USA I35870 My Genealogy 
42 Talbott, William A.  29 Apr 1793Frederick, Maryland, USA I35867 My Genealogy 
43 Tansey, Leah  1738Frederick, Maryland, USA I11658 My Genealogy 
44 Waters, Margaret  3 Sep 1776Frederick, Maryland, USA I57 My Genealogy 
45 Waters, Sarah  20 Dec 1773Frederick, Maryland, USA I3674 My Genealogy 
46 Wood, Samuel  19 Feb 1802Frederick, Maryland, USA I840 My Genealogy 
47 Wright, Allen  14 Dec 1777Frederick, Maryland, USA I14708 My Genealogy 
48 Wright, Jonathan  12 Apr 1774Frederick, Maryland, USA I14706 My Genealogy 
49 Wright, Rachel  28 Sep 1780Frederick, Maryland, USA I14709 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballinger, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1811Frederick, Maryland, USA I7327 My Genealogy 
2 Ballinger, William  7 Jan 1787Frederick, Maryland, USA I7331 My Genealogy 
3 Ballinger, William  3 Mar 1811Frederick, Maryland, USA I7326 My Genealogy 
4 Haines, Daniel  1770Frederick, Maryland, USA I39331 My Genealogy 
5 Hampton, Cary  21 Aug 1811Frederick, Maryland, USA I48919 My Genealogy 
6 Plummer, Priscilla  10 Dec 1864Frederick, Maryland, USA I36025 My Genealogy 
7 Plummer, Sarah  11 Mar 1760Frederick, Maryland, USA I6870 My Genealogy 
8 Plummer, Susanna  19 May 1813Frederick, Maryland, USA I6877 My Genealogy 
9 Plummer, Yate  25 Apr 1837Frederick, Maryland, USA I36022 My Genealogy 
10 Poultney, Anthony  25 Jul 1805Frederick, Maryland, USA I7853 My Genealogy 
11 Poultney, James  15 May 1813Frederick, Maryland, USA I8084 My Genealogy 
12 Poultney, Jesse  1870Frederick, Maryland, USA I8086 My Genealogy 
13 Poultney, Rachel  24 Feb 1809Frederick, Maryland, USA I8085 My Genealogy 
14 Poultney, William  5 Aug 1800Frederick, Maryland, USA I8083 My Genealogy 
15 Pusey, George  1810Frederick, Maryland, USA I3404 My Genealogy 
16 Pusey, Susanna  1 Mar 1811Frederick, Maryland, USA I3374 My Genealogy 
17 Steer, Rachel  17 Dec 1872Frederick, Maryland, USA I35844 My Genealogy 
18 Swayne, Elizabeth  Aft 1809Frederick, Maryland, USA I15030 My Genealogy 
19 Swayne, Ruth  1820Frederick, Maryland, USA I15029 My Genealogy 
20 Waters, Richard  4 Apr 1797Frederick, Maryland, USA I3709 My Genealogy 
21 Wood, Thomas  Frederick, Maryland, USA I3368 My Genealogy 
22 Wood, William  28 Feb 1803Frederick, Maryland, USA I4646 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cattell / Wright  15 Sep 1812Frederick, Maryland, USA F416 My Genealogy 
2 Plummer / Talbott  3 Oct 1793Frederick, Maryland, USA F5429 My Genealogy