The Family Puzzles - Demystified (Sort of)

New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania


Tree: My Genealogy
Latitude: 40.3003938888889, Longitude: -75.183145


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boone, Israel  20 May 1726New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16281 My Genealogy 
2 Boone, Jonathan  6 Dec 1730New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16283 My Genealogy 
3 Boone, Samuel  20 May 1728New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16282 My Genealogy 
4 Boone, Sarah  7 Jun 1724New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16280 My Genealogy 
5 Foreman, Alexander  29 Jan 1740New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36295 My Genealogy 
6 Foreman, Elizabeth  3 Dec 1749New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36307 My Genealogy 
7 Foreman, Jane  13 Jul 1742New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36304 My Genealogy 
8 Foreman, John  29 Nov 1738New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36303 My Genealogy 
9 Foreman, Joseph  28 Aug 1747New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36306 My Genealogy 
10 Foreman, Mary  8 Apr 1745New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36305 My Genealogy 
11 Foreman, Robert W.  6 Jun 1736New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36302 My Genealogy 
12 James, Elizabeth  1730New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29517 My Genealogy 
13 James, John  1724New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29304 My Genealogy 
14 James, Samuel  1730New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29310 My Genealogy 
15 Matthews, Joseph  1753New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29307 My Genealogy 
16 Pennington, Martha  21 May 1743New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I22102 My Genealogy 
17 Stanton, Emily Irish  9 Mar 1877New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I39428 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Jane  1754New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29309 My Genealogy 
2 Eaton, Rev. Joseph  1 Apr 1749New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15344 My Genealogy 
3 Foreman, John  10 Mar 1793New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36288 My Genealogy 
4 James, Thomas  Apr 1772New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I29308 My Genealogy 
5 Jamison, Mary  7 Oct 1791New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I31653 My Genealogy 
6 Michener, Elizabeth  1782New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5943 My Genealogy 
7 Morgan, Hannah  1772New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I23094 My Genealogy 
8 Naylor, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1749New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36283 My Genealogy 
9 Pennington, Daniel  17 Nov 1776New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15834 My Genealogy 
10 Pennington, John  23 Dec 1808New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18767 My Genealogy 
11 Pugh, David  24 Nov 1787New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I23282 My Genealogy 
12 Townsend, Elizabeth  New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36308 My Genealogy 
13 Williams, Catherine  Jan 1799New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24604 My Genealogy